Unschooling Ingenuity


Five months ago Husband brought home some broken kid motorcycles.  He rewired them to run with 12 volt car batteries.  The kids have been enjoying them ever since.  Whenever they want to ride, Dad goes out with them and hooks up the battery to the wires… off they go!!  Dad watches and turns the bike around if ever the kids get stuck.


Without Dads help 5 year old Fish goes outside and hooks up the battery.  No big deal, he’s seen Dad do it a hundred times.  But he hooked the wires up backwards… which caused the motor to run in reverse and propell the bike away from his chosen destination.  Fish stopped switched the wires and went his merry little way.

A little while later, Husband and I were watching him cruise through the park when he got stuck at the other end of the baseball diamond.  Husband groaned, “Ah- he’s stuck, I’ll go turn him around.”  But before Dad could arrive and save the day, Fish jumped off the bike, switched the wires, reversed, switched the wires back and was on the road again!

Unschooling in action… isn’t that cool!


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