I discovered Lydia Dillon-Sutton while google image searching with Keek. We had been talking about my childhood…

Almost daily the kids ask me to tell them stories of when I was a kid. Just the other day I told the story of my first pow wow. Keeker was enthralled! She has been very interested in Native American culture and art since we moved here, almost two years ago. We started by searching “traditional Native American dress” on google. She had been searching for an hour or so when she called me over to see this. The art is so crisp, the crisp-est and cleanest batik I’ve ever seen.

Lydia Dillon-Stutton is from Arizona where she makes beautiful art.Her technique is Batik! Isn’t it amazing?!?! She paints with wax on textiles and repeatedly dips the cloth into different colors of dye. I have been fascinated with this process for months now! Batik produces some beautiful and unexpected mingling of colors. With the natural earthen hues Lydia uses the results are amazing. This is one of her websites with more information about Batik work and her art…


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