Starbuck’s & soul suckers

Novel thing about the Starbuck’s logo.

I like mermaids as much as the next person but my sister just adores them. So while cruising the web, looking for a mermaid to send to my dear sis, I found this article. It led me to the question, “What was he thinking” when a man enamored with Moby Dick decided to put a soul sucking mermaid on his coffee cup!? I mean yes, coffee is addictive… and Starbuck’s more than most, but wow, will the coffee eat my soul??

The little mermaid should be called the anti-mermaid! She went against all the lore that came before her when she saved, dear, Prince Eric. Historically mermaids are akin to sirens and therefore the enemy of sailors. It has been passed down from one sailor to another; the dangers of the mer people and how they turn the seas. With King Triton and his, remarkably devil like scepter, causing the ocean to swallow up ships and spare none aboard.

But for some reason we, humans, still love the familiar half fish creatures and romanticize them until a whole generation considers the beast mermaid a heroine!

It’s very interesting in a useless sort of way. If you’re interested in the split tale mermaid or 1st Mate Starbuck or want to have a groovy opening line next time you grab a cup of Joe; read this…!


One Response to “Starbuck’s & soul suckers”

  1. Heather Says:

    I just love inspiring you!

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