Born on a Blue Day

I’m reading a book, Born on a Blue Day, by Daniel Tammet, an aspy savant.

This book is amazing.  I’ve not completed the book yet so this is not a review; rather, an introduction.

My friend lent me the book when I was describing, to her, the way I see words in general conversation.

I ascribe snapshots to words.   When I listen to someone talk I get a mental image of each word they say.  For example:  “How many cups of oatmeal does the recipe call for?”  ‘How many’ is registered as one word in which I see a classroom full of small children playing with math blocks.  ‘Cups’ calls forward a field of multicolored glass cups being filled by rainwater.  ‘of’ draws up no image. ‘Oatmeal’ is like a hot spring full of oatmeal… and so on.  I have always been drawn to people who speak a mile a minute.  Probably because I don’t have to participate too awful much in conversation and to me, it’s like going to the movies!

Until very recently I have believed everyone perceived the world this way.  My world is defined in images.  When I was 14 or so I learned that my Grandmother’s dreams were in black and white.  I was shocked and so was she.  I dream in vivid color not only at night but when I hear someone talking my mind produces vivid images.  It’s the same when I read a book.  I can see the characters and surroundings in great detail.  Watching a movie after I’ve read the book is very frustrating because I have a set image in my mind of how everything should be.  When my image and the directors images vary I get hung up on these details and lose all enjoyment for the show. Ah well, that’s another reason why books are better!

More about this book when I’ve completed it…


2 Responses to “Born on a Blue Day”

  1. feebeeglee Says:

    Yay, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

    I see words in type when people speak them, on creamy white paper, Times font, and I add in “he remarked” or “she said plaintively” etc to my mental page.

    Like you, I thought everyone was like me.

  2. Heather Says:

    Very interesting. I knew about you dreaming in vivid color as well as the pictures during conversation. I do it to an extent but haven’t ever paid attention to what actual words or phrases appear as. Maybe I will start, if I remember too!

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