Very Basic Bread

Nature’s Own make a delicious sugar free bread.  It is included on the Nature’s Own website if you’d like to see the ingredients.  What is so wonderful is that they use no artificial sweeteners.

But they still use “natural flavors” which could be anything… and other undesirables.  So with purity at heart I googled “basic bread” and found another blog where someone had posted this comment…

Sunny says:

Aspen Mills Bakery out of Ogden, UT makes a bread that has no sugar out of five ingredients: Whole wheat flour, water, yeast, honey and salt. I really want to figure out the recipe and so far am disappointed, but I may try fudging with those ingredients to see if I can make it happen. If I can I may try to put the recipe on paper, but no guarantees.”

So inspired; I too will venture on this simple road!  Healthful shortcuts are of course a bonus so if anyone has any idea as to  how much of what ingredient I should try please let me know!

I will be posting more this evening… when we see if my first attempt is a success or something quite different!


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