Summer’s Here!

Keeping cool while using the least amount of energy has become the goal of most in the Northern Hemisphere. The already high and continuously rising carbon fuel prices are making energy conservation a must. Not just oil but natural gas and coal, too. Many individuals, both locally and internationally are devising their own methods of energy conservation and production.

Reducing our energy dependency and finding cleaner and more affordable energy is important to the environment and to each country’s sustainability. The US is far behind the curve in energy conservation. Foreign oil will be more and more expensive as it becomes harder to find, extract and refine. Although Canada is lined with oil rich black sand beaches the cost of refinement is prohibitive. And the oil produced is not the golden honey we, as a nation, are accustomed to. The new found oil deep in the Gulf of Mexico is also hard to reach, expensive to ship, refine and then ship again.

With the rising cost of food and recent food shortage scares it becomes evident that our current modes of operation are unacceptable. We’ve known this for years… decades!

While bureaucracy stomps doggedly toward the same cliff it’s been aimed at since the end of WW2, the individual has started to wake up and smell the rubbish. The time has come to take matters into our own hands.

Anti Consumerism

DIY Alternate Energy

Quick tips and tricks

Groups and Communities

If we do not find a solution to these problems the nightmares of global famine and Mad Max or Waterworld scenarios could be on their way.

Or perhaps something more realistic. These are just hollywood movies… worst case scenarios. Not realistic at all, really… that couldn’t happen.

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash is an award winning documentary concerning the end of oil. Link to the Crude Awakening homepage here.


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