Panic Attack

I had a panic attack this weekend and was advised, by my Doctor, to make sure I’m not upset about anything.

My heartrate was 191, BP 140/120. Scary stuff. I was driving and decided to pull over when I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. After I shut off the car I seized. The Dr said it was because I had started to take deep breaths. A panic attack is like labor in that you’re are supposed to pant through it. Who knew!?

So anyway I’m going back for more tests: an EKG because my heart rate was so elevated, thyroid and diabetes test and anemia test just to round things off. Doctor listened to my heart and said I sound great and am healthy in all other respects.

He said I may be experiencing latent stress. Panic attacks are not triggered by being upset or dwelling on the things in your past that upset you. They are chemical. When you’re stress hormones are out of whack ~because you aren’t dealing with something~ they build and build. Eventually the levels are so high you have an attack. Crying diminishes stress hormones in the body and releases endorphins (the happy chemical).

But I feel better now… I know what caused the attack. And I googled, “I miss my mom” which led me to this awesome blog that made me cry and cry.


One Response to “Panic Attack”

  1. Heather Says:

    I don’t want to cry and cry although I am sure it is a great blog. I cry enough as it is, maybe not as much as I once did, but still, enough. Lemme know what happens with the tests!

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