Born on a Blue Day… Finished!

What a good book! I throughly enjoyed reading about Danial Tammet’s life. The autobiography is simple and engaging. I could feel the wandering of his mind when he almost, absent minded-ly, discussed the date and history of the museum he visited to perform the recitation of pi. How he would talk briefly about the details and then bring himself back to the subject at hand… himself. What a great guy! I admire Daniels parents and Neil, Daniel’s partner. I hope that everyone finds a partner so completing as Neil is for Daniel.

At many points in the book I could understand his explanations completely. It was aha moment after aha moment! The paragraph starting on page 75 was especially familiar to me!

“Conversations in the class or in the playground were regularly impeded by my inability to stay ‘on topic.’ I often found my mind wandering, in part because I remember so much of what I see and read and a chance word or name in the middle of a conversation can cause a flood of associations in my mind like a domino effect. … The sequence of my thoughts is not always logical, but often comes together by a form of visual association. …”

The fact that his connection sequence ends in one of my favorite movies, The Italian Job, was funny as well!

Chapter 10 was unique. He really feels the numbers. It was difficult for me to read because number have not always been my friends. I had to set my dislike of numbers aside to discover his admiration. His description of numerical landscapes was intriguing. Learning how the Babylonians and Greeks came close to calculating pi was very interesting, too. As were the pi poems!

I imagine if I were ever to meet Daniel Tammet I would feel much the way he did when he met the famous savant Kim Peek. An awe… an interesting connection exists but the host’s everyday functionings are well beyond my capacity.

While reading the books closing… when Daniel describes “perfect moments” I started to tear. I understand those glimpses of heaven on earth and, I too, hope that the memory of them, strung all together, will give a sneak peek of the time after this life.

I give “Born on a Blue Day” 5 stars and put it on the list of recommended reading for anyone who is on the autistic spectrum or knows someone who is!


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