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School time Peace of Mind

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School time is around the corner so I’ve printed off my “peace of mind” sheets! On this pile of paper I write what the kids do and learn daily. I’ll start recording information on August 18th and keep 180 days of records. I do this, totally, for my own comfort as my state doesn’t require records. Like the boy scouts say, “Always Be Prepared”!

I have been using Donna Young dot org printouts for the past three years. I have waffled back and forth on what is the most convenient way for me to record the days activities. I keep returning to the same four rows and five columns. This year (because I found the time) I added a pretty little picture and inspirational quote to the bottom of each page. Each page equates to a week of time and each kiddo gets two columns.

We are doing mandatory math. Mandatory meaning I really want them to do a page every day. Actually, I don’t so much care about a page a day… as long as they finish these little workbooks and understand the basic of math with which to build on. So I guess I’m aiming at a page a day! These are good little workbooks with color illustrations and enough but not too many problems per page. Keek has a minimum of 4 word problems to, at most, 36 memory (classic 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 2×5…) problems a page. Fish has a story problem book (trying to tie in reading) with roughly 5 problems per page.

Also… I got my hands on a great reading list (by age- not grade) and have picked some books to plant around the house and at least, expose, the children too. I picked one a week all the way to Winter Break! When I start recording our activities I’ll post the books, too!

As far as science goes we have the “What Your 4th Grader Need To Know” and “What your 1st Grader Needs To Know” books by E.D. Hirsch. Keek has been carrying around the fourth grader book for a month now and keeps coming up with kooky science experiments. I’m not sure if she’s gathering them from the website, the mythbusters website, some other website or her 4th grader book! At any rate she’s excited to be the mad kitchen scientist once again!

Fish seems most interested in the History of Piracy. We’ve been watching pirate movies this summer and I have a sneaking suspicion that his love of pirates will continue into the fall. Perhaps it will segway into the Spanish Conquistadors and right into the 1st grader history section!

When school starts I’ll post the science and history discoveries and any other cool stuff we’ve found along the way!


Aliens! Aliens Everywhere!

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So we knew this was coming… since the 40’s really. But before governments all over the world disclose their alien info the church had to reassure us it was ok to believe in aliens in the first place. With that minor step out of the way alien fever has gripped the world! And not a moment too soon!!!

I was fishing the net for an alien story (referred to me by one near and dear) when I stumbled upon this eleven part series entitled, “The Disclosure Project.” The project is spearheaded by one Dr. Steven M Greer and he is supported by a scroll of people who used to be in high places. All eleven pieces are available for your viewing pleasure at youtube. I haven’t watched all parcels because I was side tracked by the ‘moon base’ discussed here.

Of course with all these people in Luna Camp-A we must view the opinion of those in Luna Camp-B.

As far as I can tell LunaC-A and LunaC-B people will never be satisfied with what they are told. Good for them! Criosity is the mother of discovery!

Personally I think aliens do exist and are advance beyond our understanding. How else could diverse and geographically separate peoples from the depths of time have the same alien astronaut descriptions? At some point all the dirty little secrets will come out. I doubt I’ll see the “truth” in my lifetime but it’s fun to watch the unfolding of saga!

Blood test results back

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Low hemoglobin in the red blood cells but not overall and low platelet count because of prolonged mild anemia.

High eosinophil WBC’s caused by intense allergies.

Low, but still in normal range, TSH results.  Which means my Thyroid is making just enough hormones to regulate my metabolism. (fish oil will help me with that)

Low creatinine levels indicate my kidneys are more efficient than most at cleaning my body.

My sodium and chloride levels were elevated (still in the normal range) because of mild dehydration.

My carbon dioxide levels were elevated (but still within normal range) from Kussmaul’s breathing.

So the blood test reveled what happened a month ago when I had the panic attack.
I was dehydrated to such an extent I contracted Hyperchloremia (too much acid in my blood) which led to
Kussmaul’s breathing that resulted in a spontaneous respiratory pumping seizure.  (recently documented)

Treatment of Kussmaui’s breathing and RV seizures: iv fluids and electrolytes. Or gatorade.

So shame on me and slap my hand… I promise to drink more water and eat green spinach with fish.  Yumm!