Blood test results back

Low hemoglobin in the red blood cells but not overall and low platelet count because of prolonged mild anemia.

High eosinophil WBC’s caused by intense allergies.

Low, but still in normal range, TSH results.  Which means my Thyroid is making just enough hormones to regulate my metabolism. (fish oil will help me with that)

Low creatinine levels indicate my kidneys are more efficient than most at cleaning my body.

My sodium and chloride levels were elevated (still in the normal range) because of mild dehydration.

My carbon dioxide levels were elevated (but still within normal range) from Kussmaul’s breathing.

So the blood test reveled what happened a month ago when I had the panic attack.
I was dehydrated to such an extent I contracted Hyperchloremia (too much acid in my blood) which led to
Kussmaul’s breathing that resulted in a spontaneous respiratory pumping seizure.  (recently documented)

Treatment of Kussmaui’s breathing and RV seizures: iv fluids and electrolytes. Or gatorade.

So shame on me and slap my hand… I promise to drink more water and eat green spinach with fish.  Yumm!


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