Aliens! Aliens Everywhere!

So we knew this was coming… since the 40’s really. But before governments all over the world disclose their alien info the church had to reassure us it was ok to believe in aliens in the first place. With that minor step out of the way alien fever has gripped the world! And not a moment too soon!!!

I was fishing the net for an alien story (referred to me by one near and dear) when I stumbled upon this eleven part series entitled, “The Disclosure Project.” The project is spearheaded by one Dr. Steven M Greer and he is supported by a scroll of people who used to be in high places. All eleven pieces are available for your viewing pleasure at youtube. I haven’t watched all parcels because I was side tracked by the ‘moon base’ discussed here.

Of course with all these people in Luna Camp-A we must view the opinion of those in Luna Camp-B.

As far as I can tell LunaC-A and LunaC-B people will never be satisfied with what they are told. Good for them! Criosity is the mother of discovery!

Personally I think aliens do exist and are advance beyond our understanding. How else could diverse and geographically separate peoples from the depths of time have the same alien astronaut descriptions? At some point all the dirty little secrets will come out. I doubt I’ll see the “truth” in my lifetime but it’s fun to watch the unfolding of saga!


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