Talk the talk

My Aunt had told me Fish had a unique name for omlettes but she couldn’t remember so I asked,  “Do you remember when you spent the night at the Hotel with your Aunt L?”


“Do you remember what you had for breakfast?”

“I had a mallet and my own little box of loopy fruit cereal with the bird on it.”

***and then*** (another kid-ism I hear all the time!)

Today we were out in the rain, digging soil samples from the park and the yard.  As we were leaving the house Fish said, “Ohhh nnno, it’s raining.”  I responded, “It’s just drizzling honey… we’ll be ok.” On the way back in I said, “Let’s go inside.” He was enjoying the sprinkles and said, “It’s just dribbling mom!”

For those not fluent in kid speak:::  mallet = omelet and dribbling = drizzling

I love kid talk!


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