Week 1

One week of recorded schooling under our belt and no complaining to speak of!  Yay!!!

After five days of ‘school’ I consider myself (and the kids) back in the swing of things.  I’m really glad I decided to go with the weekly piece of mind sheets and printed the first semester’s pages ahead of  time.  The daily block size is perfect for recording their activities.  It seems (so far) that I have more time for myself this year.  They are recording the weather daily and studying soil samples under the heading of Science.  We haven’t done any History anything so far!  Maybe next week.

Keek has really benefited from the math worbook.  She is in the middle of a third grade book and just starting simple division.  Her multiplication tables are not memorized (mine either, for that matter) but her figuring skills have gotten quicker.  She freezes up when asked an unexpected math question but how often does that happen in the real world?!

Fish learned more about reading this summer than I could have imagined. He can read most of the little kid books in his room, unassisted, on the first try.  He is eager to move on to the bigger books but gets easily frustrated by longer, compound, contraction or non-phonetic words. Beyond all that I am so impressed how much he picked up on his own.   That’s when kids really learn… when no one is watching!

Both of the kids have frequented brain pop dot com and enjoy the easy learning they do there. Keek was sucked into the land of atomic particles and Fish revisited Olympic history.  Both wanted to take the following quizzes, which surprised me.  I suppose when one hasn’t been exposed to the stigma of test taking the stigma doesn’t exist!  Keek opted for a graded test and Fish chose to take the review.  Both had fun and that’s the most important requirement for long term recall of information.

Keek read, “The Hundred Penny Box” by Sharon Bell Mathis then wrote her own book report.  She prefers to write on copy paper then transcribe over to lined paper.  She did great!

Fish and I read, “A Kitchen Knight” by Barbara Schiller together.  By far, his favorite place was, the Castle Dangerous! 🙂 He also read a (PD Eastman or Dr Seuss) book to me daily.  His favorite book at the moment is, “I Stink!” by Kate McMullan.  It’s an energetic story of a New York City dump truck told in first person narrative with one nasty alphabet soup recipe!

Hopefully the other 35 weeks will be just as fun and easy going as this one was!


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