Week 2

Another week of school and all is well!

Keek has been reading book 5 in the Spiderwick Chronicles and truly loves the series.  (Just imagine her excitement about the movies!) She is plugging away at math and made the connection between multiplication and division.  Her math book had missing number problems and that helped her on the path to discovery. Instead of 24 / 4 = ?  Some were written 24 / ? = 6.  At first this change in format confused and frustrated her.  We made a skip counting sheet that helped tremendously.  She caught on quickly and solved the remaining problems: no muss, no fuss.

On Thursday Keek was bored with work and she asked if she could do her math in her room.  I am in no way opposed to independent study but something was questionable in the way she asked.  Then it hit me!  Just the other day she had discovered the answer section located in the back of her workbook.  She had been using it to check her own work.  I put two and two together then said it would be fine.  She could finish the math in her room but I needed to see her workbook first.  She brought me the workbook, positively beaming at her cleverness.  I turned to the back of the book and gently tore the perforated answer pages out.  Then handed the workbook back to her.  She was so mad she turned purple.  So not to give herself away she turned and stomped off to her room.  OH I was in so much trouble!!

Fish continued on his reading and math path.  He buzzes through the math but, on Wednesday, voiced his first complaint.  He was finished with his spelling page, math page and about to start his word puzzles page when he heaved a heavy sigh and sat flatly, “I hate word puzzles.”

“You do?”  I asked

“Yeah…”  He responded.  Then he opened the book and did the page without another word.  When he was finished he went about his business and said nothing more.  On Thursday he did his pages and seemed to be enjoying himself… he was rhyming and drumming his fingers and shaking his hair, back and forth, the way a puppy would shake himself dry.

Today Fish “missed” school.  He threw up three times this morning but seems fine tonight… weird!  Keek went on in her books but Fish sat, half dozing on the chaise, hugging a bowl.  Poor baby.  This afternoon, when he felt better, I suggested he do his school pages but he said he didn’t want to.  He suggested doing them tomorrow… so tomorrow it is!

We’ve read the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors a thousand times and this week we watched the Disney version 1000 more times.  It’s a good story but if I have to listen to it agin I’m going to lose my marbles!  The kids also watched a movie based on Anne of Green Gables and loved it, especially Keek.

We watched Mythbusters, Man vs. Wild and a National Geographic special about the Amazon this week.  The Amazonian animals were of much interest to Keek.  She enjoyed the funny dolphins and shiny piranha in the murky water.  She was surprised by the contrast of murky rapid water and clear slow water tributaries that ran into the Amazon. Fish liked the baby alligators and the way they rode in their mother’s mouth.  He also liked the manatees and the dance they did under the water.  We all love Man VS Wild and were most shocked, surprised and grossed out when Bear peed on his cut hand. Bear explained that the ammonia in the urine would prevent infection.  Keek and I were expressing our opinions of general disgust (“EEEWWWWW!”) while Charles and Fish laughed out loud.  The Mythbusters were debunking conspiracy theorists claims that the lunar landing never took place.  The most interesting tidbit of this episode was how topography affected the shadows cast in the photographs.  Pretty cool stuff!

So that’s my summation of the weeks scholarly events.  Hope you enjoyed it!


One Response to “Week 2”

  1. “She (Keek) was surprised by the contrast of murky rapid water and clear slow water tributaries that ran into the Amazon”.
    So, Keek, do you know why some streams are muddy and others are clear?
    Basically, where dirt is available, streams, rivers and the like wash it away and and carry it down stream as mud. This makes the stream murky. The dirt suspended in the stream is heavier than the water. When the stream slows down, the dirt settles to the bottom and the water becomes clear.
    The mud just lies there waiting for a faster current or something to stir it up and make the stream muddy (murky) again. When you walk in a stream your feet sink into the mud and your feet cause a disturbance and the stream becomes muddy again. After you walk past, the water becomes calm again, the mud sinks (or settles) and the stream becomes clear again.

    “where dirt is available”: Not all rapid streams are muddy. Some places, like some places in the mountains, the soil consists mostly of rocks, from huge boulders to very fine sand. There is not enough dirt for rain to wash into the stream and make itmurky.
    Love you,

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