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“Busy” pencil drawing

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I think portraits should capture the personality of the subject.  Expressing who that person really is. I almost included the bare feet with perfectly applied burgundy nail polish but then I would’ve ended up painting it, or at least using color pencils.  I really wanted to stick with just pencil this time.  So, yes, her feet are excluded purposely.  The drawing could have just as easily been titled; Purposeful, Dedicated, Determined or Responsible but “Busy” is best.  Whether she’s working or playing she’s always on a mission… always busy!

“Busy” 0.7ml pencil on heavy paper


Ink Blot Shadow

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I traced this shadow.  I see it on my wall every night.  It is an easily recognizable image to me.  So I wonder if this is like the psychology ink blots where different people see different things.  What do you see???

Fall Hill

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funny name for my latest painting… ta-da!

Decorating for Halloween

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Dug out the decorations that survived from last year.  Kids covered the screen door with window clings of glow in the dark spider webs, skeletons and glittery bats.  Put up shiny black tinsel with pumpkins and ghosts outside and the light bulb jack-o-lantern, too.  It’s never too early to decorate for Halloween!

Costumes are still up in the air but we have narrowed it down to…

Keek- belly dancer, Irish lass or Catwoman

Fish- Batman, Irish lad or Superman

and this goes here and that goes there

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Kids brought all the dvd’s and vhs tapes out then arranged them by rating on the living room rug.  Not really sure what got into them.  weird!  When they finished they called me over to see the teatering towers and mused over the fact that their G rated tower is much taller than the little bitty R rated tower.  Oh ho ho…

week 5

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Another week of school under our belt and all is well!  We did the usual worksheets and read numerous books.

Keek and Fish have been asking for a lemonade stand all summer and finally we started working on it.  I gave each of them a sticky board measuring 20 x 16 and instructed them to make signs.  Keek told Fish, “Advertising is an important part of running a business.”

“I know, I know.  If we make lots of signs we’ll have lots of customers,”  he replied, “and then we’ll make lots of money!”

Both kids decided to use the computer to make their signs.  Fish searched, using Google, to find his perfect sign. While searching he found a curvy bottle with the word, “soda” on it.   He asked for help to make it four different colors.  I showed him how to use the hue adjustment in our paint program.  He thought that was pretty cool!   He also decided to accept donations, instead of setting a price.  He said, “that way anybody can have lemonade or soda even if they are poor… and rich people will pay me more than fifty cents a cup…”

Keek thought it was too cold for lemonade, instead, she would sell warm beverages.  She chose hot chocolate, apple cider and hot tea.  She decided on a set price of fifty cents a cup with refills available for twenty five cents.  Both kids chose their fonts and colors then printed the words to put on the sticky boards.   Keek wanted a business name and decided on, “Warm & Cozy.”  She also Googled images for her sign.

We decided to cover the rest of the sticky board with something so it wouldn’t get dirty:  torn construction paper was perfect for the job!  The kids chose their colors and set to work.  An hour later we three were still sticking… eventually the signs were complete.  Will upload pics asap… my phone is broken and dh is not here with his so that scratches any pic taking for now.  boo-hoo!

Wake Up Freak Out

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Then get a grip!  Excellent short about why the scientists are so concerned with climate change.

This is where I tried to embed the film but found myself unable… so here’s a link instead.

It’s pretty self explanitory.  They did a great job and I really wanted to share it with all of you!