Week 3

This week has flown by!  I’m in a hurry so this will be a quick post…

Keek:  five pages math… multiplication and early division… but I’ll tell you what, the division is not going smoothly so we’re going to stick with multiplication for a while… probably until Feburary…

Reading:  Spiderwick five… almost finished!

Computer learning skills:  I’ve noticed, as I peek over her shoulder, that she now types with four fingers… index and middle fingers, on both hands.  She is one step closer to “traditional placement” and all this, on her own!  We had to purchase a USB keyboard for the laptop (I’ll come back to this) so we went with the split keyboard.  It’s not two seperate sections but a curvy setup with elongated T,Y,G,H,B and N keys.  The setup lends itself to “proper placement” typing.

Science:  Keek has been really interested in the molecular structure of everyday items.  She watched atomic videos and looked at molecular models online.  When she’s studying the building blocks I can see the gears turning.

Fish: 5 pages math, word problems… addition and subtraction

Reading: lots of Little Golden Books… plus 5 pages (level one) spelling and 5 pages word puzzles.  He hasn’t complained about the word puzzles once this week… must have just been that specific page last week.

History: Enjoys history stories on the History Channel and any eye witness accounts of the past.  With special interest to wars and battles.

Computer skills:  Broke the laptop while playing a firing game.  The space bar was the fire button and in his over eagerness he broke it.  So we had to buy a new laptop and all, space bar firing games are against the rules.  😦  He is now an official spy on club penguin and loves to solve the mystery’s… over…and…over…again…

Science:  Fish has been pondering life.  He is formulating his opinions of it.  Is a tree alive?  Is a blade of grass alive?  Can they feel?  What it means to be alive… and other such questions have been mine to field.  We’ve had some interesting discussion!

So that’s all for this installment!  More later!


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