100 Push ups

Inspired by a friend, Amy, who can do 100 boy style push ups, I’ve decided to take the challenge.

Not today or tomorrow but in six weeks I should reach my goal of 100 (boy style) push ups…  if I can stay motivated, that is.  Today I began my training.  About two hours ago I did 30 push ups, not consecutively but with four, minute long breaks.  It was difficult but not impossible.  I could feel my biceps shudder with the last five push ups and I know I’ll be sore tomorrow… but it’s worth it!  The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the road will reward me!  Yeah!

If you are interested in taking the challenge yourself check out the website and take the initial test to see where you start!



2 Responses to “100 Push ups”

  1. i’m about to start the hundred pushup program, this seems like a good deal on the ‘Professional Pushup Pro’ http://tinyurl.com/yl38r9e

  2. I forgot about this. But now I remember! I never did make it to 100. I made it to 85 and I’m happy with that. When I was younger I damaged my right tricep and that made this exercise very difficult. After about 50 push ups I began leaning on my left arm and by 75 I was barely using my right. 100 was too many. My left arm was visibly bigger than my right and I was starting to look funny. So I stopped. I was on the program for nine weeks and never made it over the hump. I’m still proud of my 85 though!

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