Palin Rant

I don’t want to alienate any of my readers.  If you like Palin you don’t have to read this!  Just move on to the next post.  We don’t have to be on the same political page.  It’s alright to disagree!  If you have a rant about McCain, Palin, Obama or Biden feel free to comment!

Sarah Palin is a smart choice for McCain.  Who else would follow him blindly, smile and wave.  He picked a beauty queen not a leader because he doesn’t want to compete with an educated and seasoned colleague.  Unfortunately women exist who will vote for Palin just because she is a woman.  I am not one of them.

I believe abortion should be used only in the case of rape or incest and only in the first trimester.  More specifically the abortion shall not be granted unless a police report has been made and the victim is pressing charges.  The only time Palin sees abortion as an option is if the mothers life is in danger.  She is, to my way of thinking, securing the rights of sexual aggressors.  Has she ever seen a pregnant 14 year old?  Does she think that’s acceptable?  healthy?  natural?  To force a woman, of any age, to carry a child she didn’t want and (fought against!) be reminded of rape for nine more months is not alright in my book.  Instead I see it as some kind of prolonged mental torture.  The point is; politicians shouldn’t have to fight for a ruling that’s already been passed.  They should, like all those in public office, be looking toward the future, not squabbling about the past.

Environmentally Palin is a toxic waste train wreck.  If we are to maintain and rebuild our dwindling global supremacy our dependency on oil must be stopped, asap.  The focus of all energy monies must be spent on non carbon based fuels.  Yes, that scratches natural gas too!  Drilling for more oil in our few wildlife preserves and natural parks just side steps the issue!  When the last oil droplet is gone and the last natural gas bubble spent we will wonder why we spent so much money searching for more of the same.  That money should be spent on retrofitting our current energy grids, building battery banks, millions of solar panels or wind turbines and education programs to reduce our country’s overall energy consumption.

Lastly, having five kids would indicate, at least to me, a desire to be a loving, caring and involved mother.  Being a mother is an honorable life choice.  But Palin returned to work only three days after the birth of her last baby.  How is that a devoted mom?  Any baby, especially one who was born with downs, needs more than three days to bond properly. I would want to take all the time I had to bond with the baby.  If Palin doesn’t care enough to take the time to bond with her children how can we expect her to care enough about the little people?  I guess that’s not too out of the ordinary, being that she’s Republican.

Sarah Palin was chosen as vp for her inadequacies.  She is in no position to argue with McCain because of her life’s inexperience and lack of political knowledge… and that my friends is why he likes her so!  McCain (and staff) didn’t pick her to make our country stronger, she was chosen to make McCain more attractive to the uneducated woman and those extremely conservative Americans.  I’m not even sure that she will help get their super conservative vote.  Last time I heard, the super conservatives believed women’s place to be the home. Either way, McCain’s oddball vp choice might just get him into the white house.  And that’s a scary thought.


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