School week 4

Keek and Fish both did their five pages of math and read daily.  Keek continued with Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.  She also read, “Zzz…” by Trudee Romanek.  Fish read “Mr. Brown Can Moo.  Can You?” three days in a row!  On Thursday and Friday he switched and read Richard Scarry’s “The Best Mistake Ever and Other Stories.” Fish also completed five spelling worksheets and five more word puzzle worksheets.

Both kids started a painting after we looked through a stack of old Smithsonian magazines.  They identified three main differences between realistic and abstract paintings.  We discussed the difference between foreground and background and spoke briefly about composition.  They caught on quickly and could identify the triangle compositions in many paintings.  They each made their own paintings and have finished the background and blocking for the foreground.  When they’ve completed their pictures I’ll scan them in and post!

Keek and I went bikeriding in the cemetery every other day and then we all went to the bike trail.

I think I could remove the training wheels, what do you think?          ♥


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