Ink Blot Shadow

I traced this shadow.  I see it on my wall every night.  It is an easily recognizable image to me.  So I wonder if this is like the psychology ink blots where different people see different things.  What do you see???


11 Responses to “Ink Blot Shadow”

  1. if you think that is an ‘easily recognizable image’, i’ll have some of what you’re having… haha 🙂

    it may be that i’m just tired, but… i’ve looked at that thing for more than “1 minute” …and… all i can see is an ‘ink splotch’ 🙂 guess i failed the test. 🙂

  2. At first glance, I thought I saw Olive Oyl. Then I realized it’s a fairy. Bet that gives you sweet dreams!

  3. I see the Spirit of God roaming the Earth forgiving and blessings with peace, love and joy. Moreover, I also see people kneeling, praising God for His mercy, compassion and grace.

  4. After rotating the ink blot several times, I settled on a 90 degree counterclockwise rotation. Here I see a little girl kneeling in prayer (center) and a little boy kneeling in prayer (right) and an angel kissing the little girl on the nose. Judging by the startled open mouthed expression, the little girl was surprised by the angels kiss.

  5. your brother kris Says:

    i see a landscape
    tree’s, hills and a town with bustling activity, a busy and rather energetic day, also a little house with a couple of bushes all on its lonesome, lol

  6. I see the olympics…..a gymnast…a swimmer….and a ball in play….

  7. I thought I saw a girl’s head and a dog but I’m not very good at seeing those kinds of things. Now put me on a hill on a sunny day with big fluffy clouds …… . LOL

  8. it looks like a dog that has gotten into some Christmas decorations…IMHO

  9. I would reply… but I really don’t see anything. My imagination is broken. And it would seem that the warranty is VOID

  10. I think the pic on the top looks like a fairy holding a baby with her wings.

  11. The mom from Lady and The tramp is pregnant and is holding her tummy inside which you can see the fetus.

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