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All About Keeker

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It’s just not fair.  Poor tears-in-her-eyes Keek told me, “It’s not fair that Fish gets his birthday so close to Halloween and I don’t.”  So we’ve had a rougher than normal week but things are looking up now that the birthday party is behind us.  Keek had a blast at the party and loved seeing everyone who came but I think she’s glad it’s all over too!

Keek got new glasses!  The optometrist said she probably won’t need to wear glasses after this year.  Her Rx is only in one eye and it’s the lowest they have.  She only wears the glasses for reading now and soon (6mo – 1yr) that won’t even be necessary!  She got plastic cat eye shaped frames.  They are black on top and clear on the bottom.  So movie star diva chica!

She has made a book of drawings as well.  If I understood her correctly the illustrations are all from her dreams.  The book contains eight drawings and a pocket for some cut outs she made.  The book is bound with hot glue and is very sturdy.  The cover has a uniquely designed piece of abstract art on the front… she made it herself and calls it, “Abstract” lol. 🙂  There’s my happy silly little girl!


All About Fish

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Fish got new glasses!  His Rx is basically unchanged but we do have to patch more aggressively.  He patches M-F and gets both eyes on the weekends. The glasses are groovy silver wire frames with black earpieces, “and look mom they have nose pads, too!”  He’s quite the young man now.

On Wednesday morning (3am) Fish was suffering with labored, but not audible, breathing.  He had been calmer than usual and coughing since 11am, Tuesday.  It was an asthma attack.  I administered albuteral and waited.  At 6am he was audible and I called the insurance nurse.  She asked all the questions and I had all the right answers so off we went to the hospital.  Fish got a breathing treatment and shot of steroids.  The also did some blood work.  He was slightly anemic but that’s all so we came back home.  Of course all this happened in hospital time so it took h-o-u-r-s… at 10:50 that morning we finally made it home. He is doing well now, still a little wheezy and a bit tired but all in all ok. (I am concerned about trick-or-treating though… we’ll see.)

🙂  Being one to take total advantage of a docile Fish situation… he got a scale cut, oops, I mean a haircut.  He’s now a punk rocker instead of a head banger.  He’s pretty short on the back and sides with long spikes on top.  Awesome…  (-:  These were our inspiration pics…

Two more weeks of School…almost

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Wow!  Halloween has taken hold, and how!

We’ve been working on our math daily, and I have seen marked improvement with Keeker.  Occasionally she hits a brick wall but she can usually find her way around it without too much trouble.  We got her an additional workbook called, “Multiplication Made Easy.”  She does 2 pages a day for now.  Once they get past the easy ones we’ll probably slow back down to a page a day.  She’s plugging away and staying relatively motivated.

Fish is back in Story Problem mode.  I switched him because the words didn’t match the pictures.  His reading wasn’t going to be able to pick up the slack quite yet.  Now his reading has improved so we switched back.  But it was like I was playing a cruel joke or something.  He skimmed the word problems for key words like, “all together” or “left” and decided to add or subtract the numbers based on those words alone.  Well, it turns out the pictures didn’t give him the right numbers to add and subtract.  Just because the picture was of three hats and two scarves didn’t mean he was too subtract one from the other.  The question was:

There are seven scarves and four hats in the closet.  How many more scarves are in the closet than hats?

Because of the picture presented and the word “more” in the word problem Fish answered 3 + 2 = 5.  Yes his arithmetic was correct but the problem was all wrong!  It took us a couple of days to get past that hurdle but I think it’ll really improve his reading comprehension.

Keek has been re-reading her fairy tales and looking for others online.  I think she’s ready for the rainbow of fairy tale books in the “grown up” section of the library.  Thing is we don’t have those classics at our library.  Grrr… we’ll have to make a trip to the big town for that!  Fish has been avoiding reading all together.  I can’t say that I blame him… I wasn’t a reader as a child either.  He likes to be read to so I guess I’ll just back off and give him some more time to come to it on his own.  I am comfortable in his ability to read enough to get by.  If he were of age I’m sure he could fill out a job app and probably even vote.  He just doesn’t like to read! At six I give the kids there email addresses but Fish has no interest.  He said, “Eh, I’ll just call somebody if I want to talk to them.”  Shocker!

The kids have both been active on; which has cool new Halloween decorum by the way. Fish just got a Webkinz!  YAY!  He loves it, of course and has been even more of a computer junkie lately!  Keeker has been playing around at again and really enjoys the “did you know?” section.

We finally finished decorating the house, it was spooktacular!  Fish helped Dad lay tiles in the back area and Keek helped with more spooky spiderwebs festooning the living room.  The costumes were ready and the invites were out.  The Big Birthday Bash was looming large on the calender and excitement sizzled in the air!

The night before the party a whole group of us went downtown to our little village celebration where Dh and I won the costume contest.  The kids got plenty of candy and the grown ups got plenty of pictures.  Talk about fun!

When the big day arrived we could hardly contain ourselves!  The party started at just the right time and lasted much longer than was anticipated… but with wonderful results!  The food everyone brought was delicious.  The cousins came over and all kids had a blast!  The presents were all big hits.  Fish plays with the awesome shotgun and kooky alien creating machine every day!  They’ve watched Scooby Doo 2 I don’t know how many times and *ahem* Fish’s aim with the bow and arrow set has greatly improved. teeheehee

My Vampire Name

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Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Shudder as you hear my name… as it burns into your psyche…

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
Musette Choiseul
Known in some parts of the world as:
Nemesis of Seducers
The Great Archives Record:
Beautiful and alluring – hiding great power, great danger.
Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Another Week of School!

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More reading!  More math!  More learning!  We had a busy week.  We went to visit our ‘long lost’ friends and really enjoyed their company on Friday.  Had a blast, as usual. Went to the eye Dr. and even went camping!

Keek has been reading scary spooky Halloween stories to fish all week.  So far they’ve finished one (Spooky America by Lori Haskins) and started another (Ghost Town by Joan Lowery Nixon).  It’s the Halloween spirit… bites us all!

Keek has also been reading the American Girl series.  At the moment she’s quite taken with Felicity, a girl from 1774.

The books include art projects at the end.  Keek has made a pair of Lorgnettes now and loves to look through them when she plays dress up! She’s also been playing more with her math flash cards and is progressing steadily.

Fish is reading daily but doesn’t look forward to it.  I think we’ll try the, “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.” book again.  He was so opposed to it last time we tried… but now I think he’ll find it much easier.  He checked out two Dr. Seuss books from the library and a Naruto comic book.  He was tickled with the reverse fomat and enjoyed starting, ‘in the end!’  He had been using addition flash cards when Keek uses her multiplication set.  He enjoys doing the same kind of work as she is.  I suppose it makes him feel like a bigger boy.

We’ve picked up interest in health and the food pyramid… especially caloric consumption.  Keek read the book, “The Monster Health Book” by Edward Miller and was shocked that she and Fish should be consuming about the same calories daily, being that she is, “so much,” older than him.  Her questions led to an explanation of metabolic rate.  Which made Fishee’s day because men (and boys) typically have a faster rate than women (and girls).  We three also discussed bone and muscle density which led to evolution and early human life.  With a discussion of gender roles both then and now.  What wonderful connections they make!

School update

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Keek’s continued with the workbooks but switched to multiplication review.  She’s started flash card games, too.  She lays them out like a multiplication chart and reads through them every couple of days or so. She also practiced cursive today. Letter S. She’s started listening to, “The Graveyard Story” by Dave McKean.  Pretty cool!  The author read a chapter at a time and the recorded readings are on all together on the blog.  Good Stuff!

Fish is still adding and subtracting in his math wkbk.  He’s continued with the phonics and reading wkbs too, but they are getting boring. He’s just not a reader!  He can read and comprehend but doesn’t enjoy it. So much energy in that busy boy!

We’ve been making more Halloween decorations.  Keek made a heart with a spiderweb and a bloody hand.  Fish put up more spiderwebs and window clings.  Kids took Dad down the Halloween Isle and the store and picked out a deviil costume and more face makeup than we’ll ever use!  Fun stuff!

I read on my friends blog about a weekly challange that sent me to this blog.  I think we’ll try to make plastic bag clothing:  New! Ongoing challenge three!  Sounds fun and we’ve got the bags to do it!

Desicions decisions

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Halloween finally decided…. Keek- witch, Fish- superman.  Yea!