School update

Keek’s continued with the workbooks but switched to multiplication review.  She’s started flash card games, too.  She lays them out like a multiplication chart and reads through them every couple of days or so. She also practiced cursive today. Letter S. She’s started listening to, “The Graveyard Story” by Dave McKean.  Pretty cool!  The author read a chapter at a time and the recorded readings are on all together on the blog.  Good Stuff!

Fish is still adding and subtracting in his math wkbk.  He’s continued with the phonics and reading wkbs too, but they are getting boring. He’s just not a reader!  He can read and comprehend but doesn’t enjoy it. So much energy in that busy boy!

We’ve been making more Halloween decorations.  Keek made a heart with a spiderweb and a bloody hand.  Fish put up more spiderwebs and window clings.  Kids took Dad down the Halloween Isle and the store and picked out a deviil costume and more face makeup than we’ll ever use!  Fun stuff!

I read on my friends blog about a weekly challange that sent me to this blog.  I think we’ll try to make plastic bag clothing:  New! Ongoing challenge three!  Sounds fun and we’ve got the bags to do it!


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