All About Fish

Fish got new glasses!  His Rx is basically unchanged but we do have to patch more aggressively.  He patches M-F and gets both eyes on the weekends. The glasses are groovy silver wire frames with black earpieces, “and look mom they have nose pads, too!”  He’s quite the young man now.

On Wednesday morning (3am) Fish was suffering with labored, but not audible, breathing.  He had been calmer than usual and coughing since 11am, Tuesday.  It was an asthma attack.  I administered albuteral and waited.  At 6am he was audible and I called the insurance nurse.  She asked all the questions and I had all the right answers so off we went to the hospital.  Fish got a breathing treatment and shot of steroids.  The also did some blood work.  He was slightly anemic but that’s all so we came back home.  Of course all this happened in hospital time so it took h-o-u-r-s… at 10:50 that morning we finally made it home. He is doing well now, still a little wheezy and a bit tired but all in all ok. (I am concerned about trick-or-treating though… we’ll see.)

🙂  Being one to take total advantage of a docile Fish situation… he got a scale cut, oops, I mean a haircut.  He’s now a punk rocker instead of a head banger.  He’s pretty short on the back and sides with long spikes on top.  Awesome…  (-:  These were our inspiration pics…


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