All About Keeker

It’s just not fair.  Poor tears-in-her-eyes Keek told me, “It’s not fair that Fish gets his birthday so close to Halloween and I don’t.”  So we’ve had a rougher than normal week but things are looking up now that the birthday party is behind us.  Keek had a blast at the party and loved seeing everyone who came but I think she’s glad it’s all over too!

Keek got new glasses!  The optometrist said she probably won’t need to wear glasses after this year.  Her Rx is only in one eye and it’s the lowest they have.  She only wears the glasses for reading now and soon (6mo – 1yr) that won’t even be necessary!  She got plastic cat eye shaped frames.  They are black on top and clear on the bottom.  So movie star diva chica!

She has made a book of drawings as well.  If I understood her correctly the illustrations are all from her dreams.  The book contains eight drawings and a pocket for some cut outs she made.  The book is bound with hot glue and is very sturdy.  The cover has a uniquely designed piece of abstract art on the front… she made it herself and calls it, “Abstract” lol. 🙂  There’s my happy silly little girl!


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