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More Reading and boring math worksheets!

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As the fist cold of the season (and hopefully the last) holds us captive in the house we have all been reading… a lot!!! In addition to math wkst’s and “The Giant Book of Cool Stuff” Keek has delved into more arts and crafts.


Fish is working on linear addition and subtraction as opposed to vertical and visiting favorite old books all on his own.  We cleared a shelf in the living room for some of the kids books.  It has really increased their reading.  I am still pleasantly surprised!

I’ve been reading too, but nothing of childhood educational interest! 🙂  Ohhhhh, I can’t wait until we feel better.  blehhhhh…

Until then I don’t think I’ll blog.  We don’t expect to be under the weather for more than a week but you know how that goes.  Fish has been teatering on the edge of an asthma attack and even Keek has been heezy wheezy a couple of nights.  We’ve been eating lots of soup and drinking lots of hot chocolate plus a daily dose of lemon tea.  Hopefully it’ll do the trick!  Fish is looking better four days after the initial onset.  Keek is a day behind him, I’m a day behind her and DH is a day behind me.  So in three or four more days we should all be back on top of things!  Until then… TTFN!


Wow Cool Fun Neat “Mom Come LOOK!”

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Newest kid found (and loved) website:


Very useful in regaurds to Poptropica visit


Bookworm’s at it again!

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On Halloween we missed the Trick or Treating.  sooo saaad

We made it to the mall after the candy bowls were emptied.  booo hooo

So we tricked the kids into treats from the bookstore.  It didn’t go over so well that night but now I think they see the value of Halloween treats they can’t eat!  Yay!

Fish got a pirate book with a model ship.  The book was moderately successful but the model was a hit.   We stayed up way to late putting it together and now it sits, dry docked, on the bookshelf in Fish’s room.

Keek got, “The GIant Book of Cool Stuff” by Glen Singleton.  At first she protested, “book in replacement of candy!?!”   Not that we had bags of pinata candy sitting at home, waiting to be eaten… but that was besides the point!  Trick or treating is a kids right!  Once the pouting had subsided she sunk her little vampire witchy teeth into this cool new book.

The cool stuff in this book is divided into the following catagories:  Magic, Facts, Science, Inventions, Pranks and lastly Jokes.  First she ate up the Jokes then skimmed the magic and science sections but the Pranks hold her giggling heart.  She spends, literally hours, giggling over the pranks she promises not to do.  Tricky temptations for a clever girl!

Well… he’s reading!

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Fish has a new favorite book written by Joaquin Ramon Herrera and Horris, an indestructible monster friend.

The book has 92 pages in all.  Half are small type and the other half are great black and white illustrations. The illustrations remind me of creatures from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends.

The book has a myriad of topics all equally disturbing.  Did you know Lobsters are oceanic bugs in the arachnid family?  Did you know that piranhas can attack a drinking cow and pull it under the water to eat it?  DId you know that humans used to burn each other up on bonfires?  Did you hear about the woman who bathed in blood because she thought it would keep her young and beautiful?  In addition to these scientific and historic accounts Herrera also included imaginary terrors:  What would it be like to run out of air, or freeze to death in outer space?

All in all it’s a pretty scary book delivered in a matter of fact and sometimes comical manner.    A gruesome six year old boy loves it dearly.  We buzzed through it yesterday afternoon.  Yes, the whole thing.  And he’s taken to carring it around with him today.  Hmmm… what else does Joaquin Ramon Herrera have to offer?

Playing with Paint Program

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Before                                                                     After

I really liked this picture.  I changed her makeup, eye color, gave her more contrast and cropped the image using a paint program I downloaded from  Awesome software.  Just one more way I waste my time.  lol