More Reading and boring math worksheets!

As the fist cold of the season (and hopefully the last) holds us captive in the house we have all been reading… a lot!!! In addition to math wkst’s and “The Giant Book of Cool Stuff” Keek has delved into more arts and crafts.


Fish is working on linear addition and subtraction as opposed to vertical and visiting favorite old books all on his own.  We cleared a shelf in the living room for some of the kids books.  It has really increased their reading.  I am still pleasantly surprised!

I’ve been reading too, but nothing of childhood educational interest! 🙂  Ohhhhh, I can’t wait until we feel better.  blehhhhh…

Until then I don’t think I’ll blog.  We don’t expect to be under the weather for more than a week but you know how that goes.  Fish has been teatering on the edge of an asthma attack and even Keek has been heezy wheezy a couple of nights.  We’ve been eating lots of soup and drinking lots of hot chocolate plus a daily dose of lemon tea.  Hopefully it’ll do the trick!  Fish is looking better four days after the initial onset.  Keek is a day behind him, I’m a day behind her and DH is a day behind me.  So in three or four more days we should all be back on top of things!  Until then… TTFN!


One Response to “More Reading and boring math worksheets!”

  1. feebeeglee Says:

    Any chance we could see ya soon?

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