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We’re off to see the dentist!… again and again and again

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After the initial shock of Fishes nine cavities we have had six filled and one crown while the other two remain under observation.  Fish was sore on one side then the other as the dentist was kind enough to make two separate appointments.  Keek went in for her exam and a cleaning while I held my breath.  She had no cavities!  Dentist said she was doing a wonderful job brushing and flossing and to keep it up.  Yeah Keeker!


What we’re learning now…

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Fish has found a book he loves.  “Tales of Deltora” by Emily Rodda is a fantasy book full of dragons and dangerous sea creatures in a time of violent earth growth and change.  He won’t read it to me but I think he’s been reading on the sly.  Only when I’m not looking.  He’s one of a kind that’s for sure!  He enjoys the quizzes in the ‘prepare you kid for standardized tests’ book he picked up at the library a week ago.  Keek enjoys it too as she gets to do the quizzing.  😉  He read, read, and re-read, “The Mighty 12 Superheros of Greek Myth” by Charles R Smith Jr and P Craig Russell.  The prose is written like the “Iliad” and the illustrations are like comic books.  He really has enjoyed the book.  So much so, that I think a copy of it lies in our future.  Heeheehee…  He also buzzed through “Fred and Ted Go Camping” by Peter Eastman and “I want to Be Somebody New” by Robert Lopshire; the sequel to “Put me in the Zoo!”

Keek has just finished up “How to be A Princess in 7 Days or Less” by Lesley Rees and “Egyptian Princess” by Jacqueline Morley.  She’s more than half way through,  “Excuse Me, But I was Next…” by Peggy Post and has just started reading a big fiction book, ” The Summer King” by OR Melling.  It involves twin sisters, one of whom is dead and spooky happenings in Ireland.  Although Keek isn’t usually into such spookiness she is enjoying this book very much!  She also has “First Aid For Wildlife” by Irene Ruth on her list… but I’m not sure she’ll get to it before it’s time to take it back!

We’ve been neglecting Fish’ math pages in favor of spelling puzzles.  He does one a day and sometimes two… depending.  They have been playing store where they trade items of similar value using the trunk as a store counter.  It’s been a big hit!   Fish has been playing online with his Webkinz and at Club Penguin.  He noticed the return of Rockhopper (the penguin pirate) a couple of days ago and when he finally arrived both kids went to collect their treasure!  Each kid got a red cap and a ringing bell from Rockhoppers treasure trove.  What a fun game! He’s been watching pink panther (free DVD from the local movie store) and old Garfield episodes on YouTube.  He made his stocking this weekend with the help of Grandma.  It has a wonderful underwater scene and is covered in fish and bubbles.  He also put six snowflakes in the water “…because that’s how old I am.” 🙂

Keek has been doing her math faithfully.  She’s decided which multiplication tables she likes and which she doesn’t.  The fours, sevens, eights and twelves are “really hard” and the rest are easy.  I wish I could say the same!  She’s used her skip counting sheet so much it’s practically toilet paper but she refuses to let it go.  She did get busted the other day for cheating and then lying about it but she apologized, did the work (on her own this time) and promised not to cheat again because, “… it makes things easier now and harder later.”  I think it’ll stick.  Her OCD came out of the closet the other day, too.  She took the advent calender and started putting the numbers in counting order.  She was doing quite well when I informed her the picture wouldn’t look right if the numbers were in order and that they were out of order on purpose.  She looked at me like I was crazy and I couldn’t help but laugh.  Once she understood that I hadn’t lost all my marbles we put the boxes back in all the right places.  With the numbers all back in the wrong order… advent chocolates were served this morning on schedule.  lol

Fish went to the dentist on Monday and had 9! cavities! Eeee Gads.  We got four filled today, three this upcoming Friday and the other two are just under observation.  The dentist thought one would have to be a crown but it wasn’t as bad as it looked so all is well.  The others are tiny surface cavities and filled easily.  Keeker has an appointment lined up for Friday as well.  She is really nervous about it and asks Fish lots of questions.  He loves being the expert and handing out his vast knowledge.     Teeheehee

I have taken an interest in regional lore and am studying up.  I have a book that focuses on Ozark lore.  It’s really interesting and many of the phrases are familiar to me already.  For example, “Rain before 7, Dry by 11.”  Really a neat book, but I’m only one chapter in.

Alas the dryer buzzes and I must go!


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As the big day nears Keek’s cabin fever worsens.  Every time I sit down she asks if we can go to the store.  Shop shop shop!!!  She’s so cute.  We still have a bit to do… seven more people then were done.  I have no ideas for six of the seven but their must be something out there in that big world of stuff!

Santa… a poem…

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Teamwork 101

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This morning the kids were arguing over the computers.  Whatever one had the other wanted so it was time to practice teamwork.

*Team standing 1 – kids sit toe to toe with knees bent, grab hands and stand up without moving feet.

*Team standing 2 – kids sit back to back, interlock elbows and try to stand up.

*Three legged race – kids stand side by side, facing the same direction.  Tie one childs left ankle to the other childs right ankle then try to walk and run.

*Six legged race – kids crawl across room with right elbow tied to partners left elbow and right ankle to partners left ankle.

These exercises increase communication, teamwork, spatial sense, and burn lots of energy, too!

It worked like a charm!  The kids forgot about the computer, fell and laughed all over the place!

Feeling sunny to partly cloudy

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Our colds are lingering… It’s the added burden of allergies in combination, I know, but it doesn’t make us feel any better.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and want to thank you guys for coming over and bringing such delicious food and drinks.  All the leftovers have been duly devoured and I’m glad we won’t have to eat turkey for Christmas!

We’ve been decorating.  The tree is up and dressed, the tinsel festoons the windows and the lights glow in the night air.  Ahhh Christmas!  I love this wintry season.  I had forgotten how many paper crafts we made last year.  We pulled paper chains from the boxes of ornaments, little paper people holding hands, angels who’s wings touch and little paper Christmas trees.  We’ve put large sparkly ornaments on the tree in the yard and full and fat tinsel on the arbor, too.  We put two chocolate kisses in each drawer of the countdown calendar.  Now it begins… every day, upon waking, Fish asks, “How many days until Christmas?” 

“I don’t know, ” I respond, “check the calendar.”

“Mom there are 23 days until Christmas.”

“Oh, only that many?”

“Yes, mom, only 23.”

“Did you give Keek her chocolate.”

“Not yet!!!”  he yells as he runs out of the room to wake his sister.    It’s amazing how pleasant my night owl is when she wakes to chocolate!

Keek has started to make collages.  She loves to go through catalogs and magazines to make artwork.  cozycooking She made these two, day before yesterday, for the kitchen.  They are titled, Cozy and Cooking, respectively.

Fish has decided he doesn’t want to read anymore.  So we are on pause until further notice.  In the place or daily reading he said he would study spelling words because, “Spelling is easier than reading, anyway.”  These are his words for this week:  cat, can, car, call, ball, he, she, bird and tree.  His bonus word is; said.  On Monday he started writing each word three times and he finished them up today.  Then he spelled each word out loud.    He does seem to be enjoying himself, too.  I just don’t get it.  I really despised spelling… well reading too, for that matter!  Anyway, he’s happy and I’m happy!

We’ve continued with math, too.  Keek is working on multiplication tables (to 12) and Fish is skipping through site subtraction.  i.e.  25-5=20    33-2=31  Ho hum.  I wish I knew how to make math less mundane.  Both kids have been helping in the kitchen and cooking math is great.  But even that gets old quick.  They’ve been practicing with money, counting what they save and what they spend.  They’ve recently become aware of the movie prices.  Now they know the theatre only costs $1.50 a person so they are always volunteering to take us to the movies.  They’ve learned that Wendy’s and McDonalds have Dollar menus and Taco Bell has food for even cheaper!  So requests to go out to eat have doubled, “I’ll pay for my food with my own money!” they chorus!  Dollar Tree is a favorite and every time we drive by they are eager to spend spend spend.  Fish seems to have more money than Keek, day to day but I guess that’s becasue he just started spending.  Keek’s noticed too and is eager to have more money than her brother.  So a saving race has begun!  We’ll see how long it lasts!

Angry Fairy

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Not enough angry fairies out there!  I see lots of other emotions displayed but when I googled, “angry fairy” nothing satisfactory came up.  Fairy’s get mad just like people do!  So I decided to see if I could draw an Angry Fairy.   This is a work in progress.

I want to get rid of the outlines but I’m not sure how… may just start from scratch.  Hmmmm…

So much seems lost in translation.