Teamwork 101

This morning the kids were arguing over the computers.  Whatever one had the other wanted so it was time to practice teamwork.

*Team standing 1 – kids sit toe to toe with knees bent, grab hands and stand up without moving feet.

*Team standing 2 – kids sit back to back, interlock elbows and try to stand up.

*Three legged race – kids stand side by side, facing the same direction.  Tie one childs left ankle to the other childs right ankle then try to walk and run.

*Six legged race – kids crawl across room with right elbow tied to partners left elbow and right ankle to partners left ankle.

These exercises increase communication, teamwork, spatial sense, and burn lots of energy, too!

It worked like a charm!  The kids forgot about the computer, fell and laughed all over the place!


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