School is Back in Session

Today was our first day of school since the holiday break began and the kids took an active role in planning for the week. Nothing too specific but we are going to try and study History on Mondays, Music on Tuesday, go to the Library on Wednesdays, Art projects on Thursday and Science projects on Fridays; in addition to math and lit. daily.

I tried to inspire the children with a day for grammar but was shut down! Fish did take me off guard when he informed me of the grammar in his spelling workbook.  Keek suggested funny fill ins that ask for words by their parts of speech.  I guess they are getting plenty of daily grammar for now. 🙂

Today Keek completed her math pages and read all about Feng Shui. She advised me on how best to decorate and paint the house.  She also criticized the houses overall shape and provided a better option.  She congratulated me on my “excellent choice” in color and suggested I purchase some bamboo for good luck.  She is the resident expert, you know!  lol She also created her own page here at A Day In The Life.

Fish completed his spelling, phonics and math worksheets at his new desk.  Thanks so much Aunt Heather and Uncle Matt.  He enjoyed having a designated work space that was all his own.  He was excited about drumming and keyboard music to be practiced weekly as well as his new science experiment book.  Fish read One Fish Two Fish to Dad this morning and did great!  He was quicker than I had expected.  It took a week to get full coverage of, “And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street.” I guess he’ll start with a new book tomorrow! Fish also created his own page here at A Day In The Life.

I’m not sure if the pages they’ve made are post – able the same way the main page is so we might be redirecting to their very own blogs soon! They also watched a funny 23 minute history video at  It was the first in the series called Hilarious History and was very entertaining to all of us.  I think we’ll be watching more of those soon!


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