Changes in the air

Well we’ve had it with boring worksheets and are rebelling!  We went out and got two display boards to display our unit studies.  Keek decided to study burial practices throughout history.  Fish decided to study Scooby Doo.  Go figure!

Fish has read to me daily and is starting to use intonation.  In other words he’s learning to read sentences and not words.  He’s read, “The Cat in The Hat” by Seuss, “Grandfather Twilight” by Barbara Berger and together we’ve read “The Queen Of Sheba” by Doris Orgel.  He got his Spider magazine in the mail this week, too.  He’s been reading bits and pieces daily.

Keek has re-read her Muse magazines this month.  She glanced up while reading and said, “I wish I got two every month!”  She has been reading The Teen Manners book from the library and requested a four part series of early readers books for next week.

Together we read, “Tales of Deltora” and are now reading, “The Deltora Book of Monsters” by Emily Rodda.  It’s a scary beautiful book full of nightmarish creatures “written” by a lowly librarian from the town of Del.  This book has been written many generations after, “Tales of Deltora” so we are learning of the wicked Shadowlord’s attempt to infiltrate and corrupt the noble family of our hero and first King, Adin of Del.  The kids are enthralled and I am entertained too.  🙂

Tomorrow we have a full day including a stop at the library.  Hopefully they’ll have all our requested books in.

The kids have found been watching Hilarious History at and we’ve made it to episode four.  It’s dry British humor peppered with historical facts.  The kids just love it.

We’ve completed our first craft project of the new year; sun-catchers… Ta Daaa!  Chinese New Year Hexagon by Keek and Snowman by Fish.  The flip side of Keek’s is yellow and Fish’s is Navy Blue.  They look great hanging in the window with the mid day sun cascading through the pretty beads.



4 Responses to “Changes in the air”

  1. feebeeglee Says: is what we’ve been thinking like lately, made me think of you as well.

    gimme a call toots, mwah 🙂

  2. mensgameplan Says:

    Interesting proejct.

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  4. […] A Day in The Life (con due simpatici suncatcher di perline) […]

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