Deltora mania!

Books 1, 2 and 3 finished but where is book four!!  The sky will fall if we can’t find it… already the locals are gathering to revolt with drumsticks and xylophone hammers… I don’t know what we’ll do! AGHHHHHH!!!

Fishs’ display board is like totally complete Scoob, old buddy.  Now let’s get outta here!

As soon as we get the words dictated, typed, printed, cut and pasted on Keek’s burial board we’ll click some pics and post again… I’m hoping for tomorrow but I bet it’ll be Friday.  She picked 4 pictures for each region/time she studied so she’s been busy with her twenty pictures.  With that out of the way she can read, ” just one more day, mom!”  But somehow one day turns into two quite easily so perhaps we’ll be posting on Friday.   🙂


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