Political Music

tim-mcilrathI really like music with a political edge and this one is a defiant cry against the recently closed presidential reign.  The official video is great too. You can watch it at http://www.vh1.com in the new music video section.

The punk rock band, Rise Against, has released their latest album, “Appeal To Reason.”  It was released October 7th of 2008.  The song I’m spotlighting is called, “Audience Of One.”  Sound familiar?  The band cries out for understanding that joining the armed services is not a picnic.  The war is multi-layered and, like every war, the highest cost is paid by the soldier.  The video director really sent his message home by opening on a small boys model White House.  The grounds were full of other “hot spots” including an oil derrick and a gas station complete with undulating gas prices.  The child lined up his toy soldiers and even took prisoners to a detention center complete with razor wire.  Guantanamo, anyone?

Slowly the picture perfect scene is replaced. A windswept war takes place in the boys scale model followed by a funeral in a field of crosses. Schools become tattered shells, buses become tanks.  VA Hospitals are closed down with wounded on the sidewalk.  One by one homes become flooded and little toy people are stranded on rooftops waiting for rescue.  Forests are chopped down leaving fields of tree stumps.  Foreclosure signs are planted in a once idealistic cul de sac.  Running toy families are stopped short at the US Border gate.  And finally the band is smashed by the child’s fist.  But the real kicker is when the boys identity is eluded to at the close of the music video.  **Classic**

The lyrics are easy to understand and gripping in their scope.  The music is modern punky rock but not so hard edged as to repulse the light weight rocker.  Full of modern electric guitar including simple chords and repeating pick patters accompanied by contemporary 2-2-4 bass and drumming with strong vocals.

The band is currently trying to get a European tour off the ground but seem to be having some difficulty.  Visit the band’s official home page, http://www.riseagainst.com, for more details.


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