The Dragons of Deltora

So we finished the second installment in the saga that is Emily Rodda’s Deltora.  The books have grown, quite a bit,  in vocabulary and scope.  The third step of the series starts off with Lief Barda and Jasmine destroying the last connection the banished Shadowlord has to the palace in Del.  Then they set off to destroy the four sisters who are slowly killing the land itself.  They must rouse the dragons that are part of the land and older than Deltora itself.

The books have grown to nearly 200 pages each and the plots are twisting so much so, Fish can just barely follow them.  If he wasn’t so enraptured with the characters his intrest would have tapered off in the last book.  But the new complexity has drawn me further in.  I’m glad we started this series.  It is getting scarier as we go on and the detail is intensifying.  For how much I like the series, I am glad it’s drawing to a close.  I cringe when I read the detailed accounts of death at the hands of the Shadowlords monsters.  I don’t think I could keep reading it to the kids, if it were any more graphic.  Of course the kids are eating it up!  They hide under the covers as the tension builds, jump when the monster finally shows itself, tear up when a brave companion has fallen then laugh out loud when Ms. Rodda presents well timed comic relief. The kids have also started speculating the next step in the story.  They have both absorbed the story so completely.  It’s been a great journey!


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