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Update: Picasso, Moving, School and Books!

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Picasso had a broken hip and has had a screw installed to hold the bones where they belong until he heals.  He’s just started to put a little weight on his leg and he’s only in pain when it gets cold.  Poor pup is old before his time.  😦

We haven’t moved yet… and the people who were purchasing our house have backed out.  So until further notice we will remain here.  The stress of it all is getting to me and has manifested itself as a cold… I lost my voice today so be glad I’m not telling you all this, in my froggy croaking voice, over the phone!  😛  Ho hum…

Kids have been studying well.  Keek’s interest in cursive has resumed and she practices a little bit every day.  She has started drawing crazy scientist labs with intricate and detailed experiments and raging storms outside.  I suppose every good science lab needs a great storm to go with it!  She’s taken to the history channel’s “This Day In History.”  She’s bookmarked the page and comes to me with “Did you know” facts all day.  Today I learned ASPCA was founded on April 10th in 1866, who knew?!?  She’s reading, “How Rude!” Alex J Packer, Ph.D.  It is a book of manners and proper behavior.  I wonder why she is so interested in this area… maybe it comes from her Aunt H because I know it doesn’t come from either of her parents!!  Keek’s also been working with fractions as she cooks more.  She made rice for breakfast yesterday and had to figure how much water was needed for one and 2/3 cups rice.  She understood the addition, subtraction and reduction of fractions right off.  When I told her there were an infinite amount of numbers in between zero and one she replied in her most wide eyed voice, “I can’t believe it!  Well what do you know!”  

Fish is learning about T4, a unit of the Nazi army in WW2.  They were in place to dispatch the aged and disabled.  He is reading  “T4” by Ann Clare LeZotte to me.  T4 tells the story of Paula, a deaf girl in small town Germany during WW2.  The short novel is written in free verse and the poems allow me to skip the areas that are too much for Fish.  He is outraged at the actions of T4 and wants to read more of the book every day.  We’re just over half way through the book and things are very bad for Paula and indeed all of Germany.  Soon we’ll be over the hump and Paula will be reunited with her family once again.  He’s drawn a series of signs for his new cafe, “Calypso” and some labs in addition to a smiling self portrait.  He’s practicing his printing when Keek works on her cursive.  And he’s memorized all the zeros, ones and twos multiplication facts up to 10.

Together we read, “The Tales Of Beedle the Bard” by JK Rowling and the kids just loved it.  Especially the notes by our dear departed Dumbledore.  🙂  The book contains five well known wizarding fairy tales that show the importance of moral responsibility.  Fun book!  We’re also reading the first book in another Emily Rodda series, “Rowan of Rin.”   It’s a fine book and we are enjoying it.  Rowan is a meek and fatherless boy in a village of warriors.  He must help save his village when the stream that feeds them suddenly dries up.  The book is full of action and peril but not as mezmorizing as the Deltora series.  I think this book series may lose out to “Fablehaven” by Brandon Mull; which we are also reading.

Fablehaven is the first in a series of books in which a brother/sister team discover and fight to protect their family, a forest full of magical creatures and possibly the world!  Orson Scott Card, author of Ender’s Game says, “Like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Fablehaven’ looks like a book for kids, but, like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Fablehaven’ can be read aloud in a family with as much pleasure for grown-ups as for children… Do yourself a favor, and don’t miss this first novel by a writer who is clearly going to be a major figure in popular fantasy.”  Full of detail,  imagery and depth this may be our new favorite series!