What school means this week

We four are sick with the ‘back to school cold.’  Yech… our noses are alternately faucets and plugs.  Ew.

Keeker wants to join everything they offer at school.  I limited her to two after school activities.  She chose Drama team and 4-H.  But forgot her drama tryout permission slip and that was a dramatic production in and of itself!  She had wanted to be in the student council but all the job descriptions I provided had, “too much writing” for her taste.  She’s got one side of a math wkst, 15 minutes (min) reading plus log and one spelling sheet to complete as homework Monday-Thursday.  She doesn’t like to do it that way though.  She’ll do the math every day, Spelling on Monday and Tues then reading on Wed and Fri. Her teacher just wants it completed by Friday morning so I guess that’s ok.  But it makes more sense to me, to do one of each, daily.  This is one of those ‘gotta let it go’ kind of decisions.  She can do it her own way and do just fine.  I suppose…

Fish wants to keep cows for 4-H.  I tried to explain our space constraints but I don’t think he was convinced.  hahaha  Hopefully I can sway him to sheep.  He could have two ewes.  They’d even help mow!  He got to get a prize out of the treasure chest day before yesterday.  It’s a reward/incentive for good behavior.  Then yesterday he got a “Best Helper” sticker.  Or something like that.  I asked who got to go to the treasure box and he said no one.  I guess you can’t go 2 days in a row… even if you are the best helper!  He really wanted to carry a cold lunch to school because then he won’t have to wait in line and he’ll be able to go out and play sooner.  So today both kids took lunches.  We’ll see what happens!

There is an elementary dance this Friday evening and both kids are excited about going.  I wonder if they’ll dance the hokey pokey??


One Response to “What school means this week”

  1. Wow… that’s all I can say. Let me know how the dance went. Drama for Keek sounds just about right, and 4H isn’t a far stretch. Fish doing well and getting to help others is great. Since you are still learning at home too, they won’t get too bored or stifled. School bus walks are good for you too, they get you off the land and walking. 🙂 You know the drill: Let me know how things keep going!

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