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Robot Mom teaches OB students

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This is so weird.  This is like an adult learning to cook on a little tykes kitchen.  And check out that life like cardboard placenta.

Pregnant Robot Trains Students


Fish Eyes

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fish glasses Took Fish to his first eye therapy appointment this morning.  It was about an hour long and he did great.

Dr. Super Powers was great, too.  She wants to re-adjust his Rx to 1.5 in one eye and 3.5 in the other.  It’s currently 3.5 and 7.  She thinks our other Doctor has been giving too much Rx and that pushing his eyes (esp. the left) to do more will make his brain re-connect.

The doctor said he’s 20/20 in the right and 20/25 in the left for close work but 20/30 and 20/60, respectively, over distance.  Right around the seventh birthday kids have eye and brain growth spurts.  Fish has now had his which accounts for the improvement.

Turns out Asperger’s may also be playing a hand in his brain “turning off”  the left eye.  His neurons have more pathways than average and have decided they are too busy to decode the information sent to the brain by the left eye.  This is in part because his left eye is smaller than his right.  After all the testing Fish got to visit the treasure bos and picked out a yo-yo.  Now he’s excited to go back tomorrow!

When we go back she’ll do another hour of testing.  We’ll cover depth perception, hand eye coordination and tracking.  Then she’ll order the new Rx and we’ll see what kind of eye work outs we can do at home.

Fuzzy Friend

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Charles has the long lived habit of catching bugs and lizards to show me and the kids.  He brought this one in and I had to share!  He found this guy outside in the fallen leaves. I placed him on a black book for the picture… but I’m not quite a gifted photographer.  This is his face.

spilosoma virginica

Isn’t he cute!  Not a very good picture though….I’ll borrow… from   !!!

This caterpillar looks just like our guy and was found in leaf litter too.  All fluff and stuff!

I have no idea what he is but he’s so cute!  With just a little tweaking we’ve got an Einstein smiley!

Albert Smiley

Yummy Bread

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Beautiful, very yellow, Honey Mustard Bread.


2 cups flour

1/2 cup warm water

1/4 cup warm milk

1 pkt (2tsp) yeast

1/2 tsp sugar

1 1/2  Tbs mustard

2 1/2 Tbs honey

1/2 tsp salt

Mix water milk, yeast and sugar in measuring cup.  Dump the rest in the bread machine.  Pour foaming yeast mix in and set it on 1.5 pound regular loaf.  Walk away!

Makes 1/2 a loaf.  Next time I will double the recipe, use fancy mustard and more honey!  Delicious!!!

Humans Getting Weaker… still

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Are we evolving in the wrong direction?  An interesting point made by Peter McAllister got me thinking.

…according to anthropologist Peter McAllister, author of Manthropology: the Science of Inadequate Modern Man, the contemporary male has evolved, at least physically, into “the sorriest cohort of masculine Homo sapiens to ever walk the planet.” Thanks to genetic differences, an average Neanderthal woman, McAllister notes, could have whupped Arnold Schwarzenegger at his muscular peak in an arm-wrestling match. And prehistoric Australian Aborigines, who typically built up great strength in their joints and muscles through childhood and adolescence, could have easily beat Usain Bolt in a 100-m dash.

Hmmm… poor Ahhhhnold.  LOL  But really where are our kids going?  How bout those grand kids (10 generations removed)?  OK what about those aliens… so tall and lean with giant heads.  Are they really humans from the distant future?  Our long legged Barbie doll and super lean Ken fascinations are heading us in the wrong direction.  Besides body image and self esteem what memes are we programming with admiration of Kate Moss and Twiggy and the Calvin Klien underwear models?  Perhaps we should be the first generation in a long line of thinnies to go in a different direction.  I wonder how Neanderthal Nikki and Proto Human Peter would sell?

proto human peter neanderthal nikki


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I will be working on brevity.  Quick posts from now on.  (Cross your fingers!)

Subbed 4 of 5 days last week.  Wow I learned a lot.  Kids can be great teachers!

Trying to be more active on facebook as per friendly request. 🙂  Friend me!

Will be putting more work online, for sale and probably getting an etsy account… ok, maybe getting an etsy acct.

Poor Sam Bradford.  Guy can’t get a break.  😦  Dh says he has “Jason White syndrome.” hahaha

Cool Halloween pic just had to share…  “Baby Pumpkin Voodoo Doll”.

So glad the weather is cool enough to justify my hot chocolate addiction!  Yummmm!

Subbed today!

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Today was the first subbing I’ve done.  Fifth graders!  They are the big kids on campus and boy do they know it.  We lost a tooth, had a fight (at recess… I missed it), teachers kid who wanted to go to his mom’s classroom, four girls called to the office(for fighting), wonderful boy with add/adhd (who watched every mythbusters show ever made) and one boy who kept reading “orgasm” instead of “organism”!  Ha! Lucky it was an honest mistake and only one other boy in the class knew what a big O was anyway… He even held his tongue until after we were through with our science reading.  Then quietly told me he knew what it meant when everyone else was busy working.  Phew!


Art, free color, from Keek.  Looks very stained glass to me.  Has been getting quicker with her handwriting and can complete some of her math homework at school now.  Yea!  Started a reading calender and is becoming very conscientious about time.  She’s supposed to read 20 minutes at least five days a week.  Easy stuff.


And art, “Fall Tree”, from Fish.  Love the movement.  Fish says he loves the homework and wishes he could have only homework and no school.  Poor kid.  I hope he is putting on a bit.  He seems to be because he rattles on and on about how much he loves his teacher, friends and library trips.  He gets to go daily and pick out a new book to read at home.  Yesterday we read about Warships and today we’ll read about Firetrucks.  I suppose it’s like everything else… some things are fun and some are not.