ok so maybe it’s not all that bad…

Turns out Keek wasn’t just having allergies.  She spiked a fever on Thursday and then was all better by Saturday.  Of course on Friday I called the Dr. and made an appt to satisfy the school and b/c the fever had gone over that magic 100 degree line.

I also spoke with the nurse at school.  She was great.  Really helpful and attentive and said all I need to do to avoid any kind of truancy issues is keep in touch with her.  To legitimize Fish’ asthma they keep a rescue inhaler at school and I got Keek her own scrip for allergy meds.  The truancy stuff I was so worried about, a few posts ago, only applies if there is no reason for the kiddos to be absent.  Yes, allergies are a legitimate reason.

The 24 hour fever policy only applies to fevers over 100 degrees.  So if one of the kids has an allergy fever of 99.0 and is fine the next morning they are ok to go to school.  But if they are drowsy, in pain or in other ways sick they are ok to stay home with the only explanation being allergies.  And they don’t need a Dr.s slip either.  And Fish’s absences have all been excused, too… so that’s good.   Pretty cool, now that I talked to the nurse.

The nurse and I discussed the H1N1 letter also.  Turns out the few cases weren’t necessarily H1N1 after all.  One case has been confirmed and the other three were assumed.  Either way, those students left on Wednesday’s and were back in classes by Monday.  The letter was sent out as a preventative so no parent could hold the school liable for not disclosing information.  What a bunch of mess!

Keek   L_O_V_E_S   school.  They got progress reports and shes doing just great. She’s got a bf, who’s mom teaches at the school and who’s dad ran over the phone cord with the lawn mower.  Sounds all too familiar!  🙂

Fish loves recess, pe, free time centers, computers and art.  The rest of school he could do without!  🙂  He likes to read to the other kids and but he doesn’t think they get to do that enough.  His progress report had only good news too.  He said the kids tease him about his glasses so he wants Harry Potter frames when he goes back to the optometrist.  🙂

Met with the principal regarding music instruction at the school.  It was not my idea but dh, mind you.  Somehow it got around to her requesting the curriculum I had made for Keek and Fish and her seeking funding with the superintendent.  I/we could be teaching music history/ appreciation/ theory one night a week.  Surprise!  Because it would be an after school activity I/we don’t need any kind of teaching credentials.  The curric has to meet or exceed the current Oklahoma PASS standards and that’s it.  Hopefully this lead will go somewhere!

Haven’t subbed yet so haven’t applied at other school districts.  Once I get that call though!  Maybe this week… cross your fingers!


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