Subbed today!

Today was the first subbing I’ve done.  Fifth graders!  They are the big kids on campus and boy do they know it.  We lost a tooth, had a fight (at recess… I missed it), teachers kid who wanted to go to his mom’s classroom, four girls called to the office(for fighting), wonderful boy with add/adhd (who watched every mythbusters show ever made) and one boy who kept reading “orgasm” instead of “organism”!  Ha! Lucky it was an honest mistake and only one other boy in the class knew what a big O was anyway… He even held his tongue until after we were through with our science reading.  Then quietly told me he knew what it meant when everyone else was busy working.  Phew!


Art, free color, from Keek.  Looks very stained glass to me.  Has been getting quicker with her handwriting and can complete some of her math homework at school now.  Yea!  Started a reading calender and is becoming very conscientious about time.  She’s supposed to read 20 minutes at least five days a week.  Easy stuff.


And art, “Fall Tree”, from Fish.  Love the movement.  Fish says he loves the homework and wishes he could have only homework and no school.  Poor kid.  I hope he is putting on a bit.  He seems to be because he rattles on and on about how much he loves his teacher, friends and library trips.  He gets to go daily and pick out a new book to read at home.  Yesterday we read about Warships and today we’ll read about Firetrucks.  I suppose it’s like everything else… some things are fun and some are not.


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