Fuzzy Friend

Charles has the long lived habit of catching bugs and lizards to show me and the kids.  He brought this one in and I had to share!  He found this guy outside in the fallen leaves. I placed him on a black book for the picture… but I’m not quite a gifted photographer.  This is his face.

spilosoma virginica

Isn’t he cute!  Not a very good picture though….I’ll borrow… from

http://uforest.blogspot.com/2009/02/exploring-ubin_01.html   !!!

This caterpillar looks just like our guy and was found in leaf litter too.  All fluff and stuff!

I have no idea what he is but he’s so cute!  With just a little tweaking we’ve got an Einstein smiley!

Albert Smiley


2 Responses to “Fuzzy Friend”

  1. feebeeglee Says:

    Or a puffle! It’s a puffle-pillar!

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