Fish Eyes

fish glasses Took Fish to his first eye therapy appointment this morning.  It was about an hour long and he did great.

Dr. Super Powers was great, too.  She wants to re-adjust his Rx to 1.5 in one eye and 3.5 in the other.  It’s currently 3.5 and 7.  She thinks our other Doctor has been giving too much Rx and that pushing his eyes (esp. the left) to do more will make his brain re-connect.

The doctor said he’s 20/20 in the right and 20/25 in the left for close work but 20/30 and 20/60, respectively, over distance.  Right around the seventh birthday kids have eye and brain growth spurts.  Fish has now had his which accounts for the improvement.

Turns out Asperger’s may also be playing a hand in his brain “turning off”  the left eye.  His neurons have more pathways than average and have decided they are too busy to decode the information sent to the brain by the left eye.  This is in part because his left eye is smaller than his right.  After all the testing Fish got to visit the treasure bos and picked out a yo-yo.  Now he’s excited to go back tomorrow!

When we go back she’ll do another hour of testing.  We’ll cover depth perception, hand eye coordination and tracking.  Then she’ll order the new Rx and we’ll see what kind of eye work outs we can do at home.


2 Responses to “Fish Eyes”

  1. feebeeglee Says:

    Does the school think Aspie too?

    • Not yet. So far the teacher thinks we are “socially delayed” due to lack of social interaction because of homeschooling. pshaw. right.

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