Apothecary Door HELP!!

I have this pantry door in my kitchen that stares at everyone.  No, it’s not got eyeballs all over it.  It just sticks out.  Here’s a picture…


See what I mean?  It just stares at me no matter what I do around it… the door is a hole.  A big ol’ boring, plain, white hole.  So I got this idea to paint it like a curio cabinet and fill it up with trinkets, odds and ends, bottles of potions and the like.  It’s my apothecary door!  🙂


I’m almost finished with the pencil drawings but I have ten spaces and I’m out of ideas!  Help!  I’ve asked the kids for ideas already.  Keek now has a jackal headed canopic jar from ancient Egypt and Fish has the Apple of Discord from ancient Greece.  Dh suggested ancient Persia and got a gold cow horn cup. My sister in law suggested Love Potion #9.

Tell me what YOU think should be in an apothecary/pharmacopoeia/occult shop.  The most interesting item!  And I’ll put it on my door with your name.


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