Substituting Special Ed & Swine Flu

Today I substituted a special ed class.  It was a wonderful experience.  The kids were great and they all left with smiles!  I had no more than 10 at a time and helped with grammar, reading and math.  Some kids were only slightly delayed and others were very delayed.  One girl had Downs.  One boy had ADD one was Aspy, some I couldn’t label, some just needed extra help,  The teacher who I subbed for was participating in the special Olympics so at least one student, two I think, were with her and I had the other kids.  The cycled in and out of my classroom throughout the day depending on what they needed help with.  It was great.  I really enjoyed working with the smaller groups of kids.  And I get to go back for a 1/2 day tomorrow!

Fish was not feeling well this morning.  He kept tugging on his ear.  He had a very mild fever.  Not even 100.  I checked with the scope and the ear drum was swollen and inflamed.  After being exposed, first hand, to swine flu (on Halloween) I thought it would be good to call the dr. and ask some questions.  They suggested we come in to make sure it was only an ear infection and set us a 3:40 appt.  It was/is and we got antibiotics.  The Dr. restated everything I already knew about swine flu.  Basically, they have no idea how long incubation is.  So I should just watch for the signs.  I braced myself for the fight and turned down the vacc.  And then, get this, the Dr. applauded my choice!  I was shocked and thrilled at the same time!  She said skipping the vacc will lead to a healthier immune system later and she was obligated to offer it.  She said she’s skirting past the issue as frequently as she can. She said not only are the vaccs unnecessary in all but the most extreme cases, she only has the live virus mist.  EEEKKKK!

But after all that good news Walgreen’s computers were/are? down Statewide!  So another trip into town tomorrow. Grr.

Now I must make dinner.  Pancakes and apple topping!  Mmm!


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