Cancer Causing Green Bean Casserole. Yum!

green bean

When you’re making that Green Bean casserole for the family this holiday season don’t buy Del Monte or Campbell’s for that matter.  Make your own cream of soup and buy fresh or frozen (if you have too) green beans.  Let’s not pass out helping of carcinogen’s this year!

BPA is a chemical preservative.  It’s recently been found, in elevated levels, in Del Monte Green Bean cans, some Cambell’s Soup cans, some Progresso Soup cans and in many Nestle products. (Hey, weren’t they the ones who had lead in baby formula a few years back?)  Anyway the EU and other health aware countries around the globe have already banned the use of BPA as a preservative in any food or food related product.  Why? Because it’s a carcinogen.   That makes sense to me!

The following quote is specifically about BPA in baby bottles but applies to BPA in general as well.

There is some cause for concern since, in animal studies, even low-level BPA may be linked to anything from early puberty to breast cancer. “The National Toxicology Program and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences convened an independent review panel of polycarbonate bottles that noted ‘some’ concern for adverse health effects on fetuses and infants, including the potential cause of neurological and behavioral problems in infants and children,” Dr. Brown says. “And, while ‘some’ is certainly open for interpretation, it is more than ‘negligible’ or ‘none’ which were cited for other age groups and health concerns related to BPA exposure.

Chew on that one for a while.  Do you want a second helping?  I know I do! Check out the report from ABC News, here. If the link doesn’t work copy/paste the url to your browser.  (


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