Opportunity for Education

Two or so years ago I had a conversation concerning the opportunity for education.  A family member was concerned that Homeschooling the kids would lessen their exposure to learning opportunities.  That the kids would live in a bubble and only be exposed to a limited view of the world.  I listened and understood her concern.  I don’t want my children’s exposure to be limited.  I want them to have a wide base of knowledge to draw upon.

In the past I have had conversations concerning the social aspects of Homeschooling.  People have been concerned that the children would have difficulty functioning in groups because of the lack of peer interaction.  I listened and shared this concern.  I don’t want the children to be socially inept.  I want the kids to grow into confident and well adjusted adults with great people skills.

The concern for proper accreditation has been raised as well.  The fear that homeschooling would prevent upward mobility in a highly competitive atmosphere was voiced.  I hear and share these concerns, too.  I don’t want the kids to be passed over because they lack the proof of their capabilities.  I want the kids to have detailed records of learning and exposure.

The fear that the children would be ‘missing out’ on the childhood experience of school has been emphasized.  That homeschooling would, in some way, rob the children of there right to experience the wonders of growing up.  I don’t understand this one.  I don’t want my children to be sequestered, labeled, categorized and given numbers to replace their names.    I don’t want them to become another statistic.  I want them to be free to grow and learn at there own pace.  To study the things which interest them.  To see the whole picture to understand the pieces.  To learn unhindered by the constraints of an outdated system.

Perhaps it is the district within which I live.  Maybe it’s only the teacher’s at this school.  I cannot speak with experience relevant to every teacher in every district. I know there are good teachers.  I’ve had some.  I know some!

I’ve learned from them and it’s helped me win a great reputation by subbing.  The kids love me!  The teachers are amazed.  Yes I’ll sub special ed and the kids will do the work for me.  I’ll sub KG and nap time will be a success!  Yes, I’ll sub fifth graders and they’ll pocket there attitudes for me.  What is most amazing is the way the light up when they see me in the hall.  I am not like the other teachers.  There are other teachers like me, we are homeschoolers.

My children need a wide base of knowledge.  History is full of answers.  So why don’t they study history in school?  The kids need more exposure to learn more!  Not just in history but in science as well.  The science program at this school is severely lacking.  They have no funding.  No funding for music or foreign language either.

I should have been warned about the teachers but instead I was warned about 5th grade attitude.  I was warned about special ed.  I was warned about the KG class.  They could get out of hand.  I’d have to be very firm.  Poor Mrs. X, their teacher, has to yell all day.  They are difficult class.  But, I did not yell; I soothed.  I didn’t insist; I gave choices.  I didn’t demand; I cajoled.  We had a good day.  They are a good class.  The next day, in the lounge, teacher’s asked me how I managed to make such a difficult class behave so well.  I replied, “social skills” and they laughed.  They thought I was joking.  I don’t want my kids to have the social skills of Mrs. X.  Or the other teachers who so obviously want to be somewhere, anywhere, else!  I want them to be compassionate and understanding.  So I homeschool with compassion and understanding.

As homeschooling becomes more popular more and more colleges seek out those self starters.  Not one of the herd whose been pushed through the chute by many too busy, poorly paid, educators.  I want my kids to have a detailed history of their varied and interesting education.  I want them to stand out.  They are not a number.  They stand out because they are not like everybody else.

I, like every other parent, want the best for my kids!  Homeschooling is the best I can give.  Why wouldn’t I want to do it?


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