I think this would be a fun craft to undertake.  I’ve made one book before.  Not a masterpiece but loved but the recipient.  I’m in the process of a second.  The binding is most difficult for me.  This book has given me abundant ideas.  Maybe some will help.

The first book I made was a cardboard board book with ink jet images and one word per page.  Each of the ten pages hole punched and a sewn with yarn.  It’s lasted for more than a year in the hands of a toddler.  Sturdy but not artistic in the way I want it to be.

The current project is also ten pages long and cardboard but double the size.  It also has ink jet images and words on each page.  The binding was difficult.  I took masking tape and sandwiched the board pages together.  Then taped each page to the next on the inside.  It’s a little lopsided.  I think I’ll cover the book in fabric held in place with hot glue then deco podge (sp?)  the pages on and maybe some decorative and hold-it-together stitching. Maybe an upholstery needle will work with three strands of embroidery floss glued together for some decorative and functional, hold-it-together, stitching on the spine, too. Something fun to read and artistic too.

I’ll post pictures when the book is complete. 🙂



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