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One last post

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Happy New Year!!! Well, not quite yet but we’re very close here in this part of the world. Christmas was a resounding sucess for all parties. We did miss the company of Great Aunt and Great Uncle and cousin from up North but know we’ll see them this summer!
We did have a white xmas and a BLIZZARD on Xmas eve to boot!
Tonight we are having a great kid party complete with, homemade 2010 posters, noise makers (not the kids, for the kids… lol), party hats, glow in the dark jewelry, coca cola for added energy and even sparkling grape juice for midnight toasts! The kids are thrilled, having a blast and the adults, well me at least, are getting tired. Oh no!
As closing I would like to share our new years feast with all of you. Well pictures, anyway.

Stuffed crust mushroom, spinach, olive alfredo pizza. Mmmmmm

Pan pans as unique as the kids that made them!

See how thick it is! We are all so so so full. 😦 It was delicious, every bite! 🙂

No roast beast for us… a pizza feast will do just fine! Homemade crust and grocery toppings sure helped to save a dime. So happy new years hope all is well. Let’s remember snow that fell. As the blue moon shines we’ll remember good times. So happy 2010 lets celebrate again!


New Growth!

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Just noticed this new growth on my mom’s umbrella tree.  It’s so cute I just had to share!

It makes me happy, symbolically happy too. 🙂

Art project: Painted Glass Ornaments

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Went to Plaza night with my sister in law and saw some really nice art pieces at “Coffees” that had utilized fingernail polish.  Keek was asking to do more art projects so we decided on a Christmas theme.  Then the two ideas merged and low and behold… fingernail polish painted glass ornaments!  Beautimus!

Fingernail polish painted tree ornaments.

Fish painted the large ones and Keek and I painted the small ones.  She was discouraged by the drying time as she had to hold the ornament… until she thought to paint the insides by removing the top piece.  Clever girl!  Then to ice the clever cake she brought out one of her egg cartons and poked holes in the bottom of each egg holder.  When placed upside down on in the holes the egg carton turns into a specialized ornament drying rack.  Yay Keek!

Book for little nephew

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This is the book for my little nephew.  I bought the 12×12 at a local closeout store and made the pages.  My computer was agreeable that do so I could print text which made the job 20x easier and quicker!  The illustrations are all mine, quicky sharpie renditions of animals.  The cool circle and stripy paper was gifted to me by Bugga!  Thanks Bugga!

Front Cover

F is for Frog. An orange frog. G is for Giraffe. A black giraffe. H is for Hippopotamus. A white Hippopotamus.

X is for Xiphies. A green xiphies. Y is for Yak. A purple yak. Z is for Zebra. An orange zebra.

Lots of repetition.  Good for growing boys.  U is for urson aka porcupine.  X is for xiphies aka swordfish.  We can all learn from kid books.  Who knew?

Found my camera!

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So here’s the book for my eldest nephew…

Cover... scrapbooking paper, "The Circus."

A page inside... all pages follow the same format. Two and three with image on the side with two letters. Love that monkey!

Back cover... scrapbooking paper. Little boy plaid. 🙂

Made with cardboard, two sheets scrapbooking paper, hand drawn images and letters on heavy cardstock, regular 20 weight colored paper for frames and pages.  Words handwritten and clipped individually then taped onto page.  Masking tape behind the paper to hold the cardboard together.  Covered all over, inside and out, with packing tape to waterproof.  Not in these pictures though, the tape causes glare so I photographed the book first… then added the tape.  It measures 8.5x11x2.5.  Contains five spreads and 10 pages.  No cover pages, just story! 🙂

Throwing bones… lol

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So my computer is still funky.

But I am determined to be a posting monkey.

I’m wrapping up the shopping and hiding from the cold.

The kids are learning Spanish faster than foretold.

The weather’s making hands ache and chimney sweeping hard.

But Charles keeps working in the freezing yard.

Pretty paper, long stitches, painted covers, lots of glue

I’m making books for everyone, probably even you.

Promising more art projects for the kids.

Maybe snow globe jars that sit on their lids?

No fun to play on guitars bent out of shape

Charles needs another one but prices make mouths gape.

I’ve misplaced the camera once again.

It’s hiding well in my cozy den.

Painted ornaments await me

nail polish art will not forsake me!

So that’s what bones I throw for you

my computer is sad but my poetry is true!