Throwing bones… lol

So my computer is still funky.

But I am determined to be a posting monkey.

I’m wrapping up the shopping and hiding from the cold.

The kids are learning Spanish faster than foretold.

The weather’s making hands ache and chimney sweeping hard.

But Charles keeps working in the freezing yard.

Pretty paper, long stitches, painted covers, lots of glue

I’m making books for everyone, probably even you.

Promising more art projects for the kids.

Maybe snow globe jars that sit on their lids?

No fun to play on guitars bent out of shape

Charles needs another one but prices make mouths gape.

I’ve misplaced the camera once again.

It’s hiding well in my cozy den.

Painted ornaments await me

nail polish art will not forsake me!

So that’s what bones I throw for you

my computer is sad but my poetry is true!


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