Book for little nephew

This is the book for my little nephew.  I bought the 12×12 at a local closeout store and made the pages.  My computer was agreeable that do so I could print text which made the job 20x easier and quicker!  The illustrations are all mine, quicky sharpie renditions of animals.  The cool circle and stripy paper was gifted to me by Bugga!  Thanks Bugga!

Front Cover

F is for Frog. An orange frog. G is for Giraffe. A black giraffe. H is for Hippopotamus. A white Hippopotamus.

X is for Xiphies. A green xiphies. Y is for Yak. A purple yak. Z is for Zebra. An orange zebra.

Lots of repetition.  Good for growing boys.  U is for urson aka porcupine.  X is for xiphies aka swordfish.  We can all learn from kid books.  Who knew?


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