One last post

Happy New Year!!! Well, not quite yet but we’re very close here in this part of the world. Christmas was a resounding sucess for all parties. We did miss the company of Great Aunt and Great Uncle and cousin from up North but know we’ll see them this summer!
We did have a white xmas and a BLIZZARD on Xmas eve to boot!
Tonight we are having a great kid party complete with, homemade 2010 posters, noise makers (not the kids, for the kids… lol), party hats, glow in the dark jewelry, coca cola for added energy and even sparkling grape juice for midnight toasts! The kids are thrilled, having a blast and the adults, well me at least, are getting tired. Oh no!
As closing I would like to share our new years feast with all of you. Well pictures, anyway.

Stuffed crust mushroom, spinach, olive alfredo pizza. Mmmmmm

Pan pans as unique as the kids that made them!

See how thick it is! We are all so so so full. šŸ˜¦ It was delicious, every bite! šŸ™‚

No roast beast for us… a pizza feast will do just fine! Homemade crust and grocery toppings sure helped to save a dime. So happy new years hope all is well. Let’s remember snow that fell. As the blue moon shines we’ll remember good times. So happy 2010 lets celebrate again!


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