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Keek at work… or play… or work!?

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Gardening by the moon

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On my last super successful garden I planted by the moon.  People have been doing it for -ever- and it works!  So I thought I’d put the dates down here, to share and so I don’t loose them.  These are all CST, by the way, so if you are elsewhere you’ll have to make the appropriate changes.

I wonder how these dates would be for fishing?  Hmmm???

Jan **** From 8:00 AM on the 27th (Wed) to 10:48 pm on the 28th (Thurs)

Feb **** Tuesday the 23rd after 5:30 pm until 11:47 am on Thurs the 25th

March **** From Tues the 23rd at 1:17 am to Wed the 24th at 11:40 pm

April **** Mon the 19th at 6:40 am to Wed 21st at 9:08 am

May **** Sun the 16 at 12:47 pm to Tues the 18th at 3:36 pm

June **** Sat the 12th at 8:51 pm to Mon the 14th at 7:39 pm

July **** Sat 10th, 6:39 am to Mon 12th, 6:49 am. better after 7:00 pm on the 11th.

August**** Fri 6, 4:51 pm to Sat 7, 1:47 pm  During a waining moon, may prefer Sat 14 7:30pm to Tues 17 12:25 am, in Scorpio with a waxing moon.

Sept **** Both waining moons  Fri 3, 1:52 am to Sun 5, 3:32 am and again on Thurs the 30th at 8:47 am until …

Oct **** Waining … the 2nd (Sat) at 10:23 am and again Wed 27, 2:15 pm to Fri 29th, 2:49 pm

Nov **** Waining Tues 23rd 7:15pm to Thurs 25th 9:45 pm  Scorpio Fri 5, 1:17 am to Sat 6, 10:45 pm. After 3:52 am on the 6th so really all day on 6th

Dec **** Tues 21, 3:23 am to Thurs 23, 1:26 am between 3:23 am and 7:13 am on the 21 would be excellent.

My “Gardening Compainon”

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So this is the little booklet I made.  I’m going to record when I plant what so next year I don’t have to re-figure everything… again.  Easy to make.  It’s got thin 20 weight paper cut to size and stapled together (three along the spine).  Then the paper packet is hot glued into the cover.  The cover is made of gift bag cardboard.  You know, the rectangular piece that comes in the bottom of the gift bag?  Yes, that’s it.  I cut it in half and glued alternating strips of yellow and green paper to the outside with a 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch space for the bind.  Then glued two sheets of paper, one to the front and one to the back inside covers.  The book measures four and a half inches by three and a half inches.  My petite project.  I alternated green and yellow pages for fun.  Here are some pics!

Planting, 20/30 and “Lawn Boy”

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Have figured out what plants to have in the garden this year.  I’m making a “Gardener’s Companion” booklet and I’ll post pics when I’m finished.  Today is the first round of planting.  Can you believe it?!

Fish eyes have dramatically improved.  The eye therapy really works.  He is sitting at 20/25 in one eye and 20/30 in the other.  We are all pleased with progress… especially him! He’s been playing outside a lot.  He’s taken an interest in cartography.  Must look for some good books on the subject.  When he’s in the house he’s building with Lego’s or K’nex or rearranging the books in his room.  He’s been interested in his “Daring Book For Boys” again.  I suppose that means it’s time to swap out the stored books and pack up the others.  Charles has been gifted some bookshelves.  Once we get them we won’t have to play the book shuffle anymore!  YEA!!!!

Keek has finished Warriers book 2 “Fire and Ice” by Erin Hunter.  She loved it!  She’s been playing outside since the weather has been agreeable.  The mud isn’t though!  Grr.  She’s finishing up a book called, “Lawn Boy” by Gary Paulsen.  “Its about a 12 year old boy who’s mowing lawns.  One client was Arnold the stock broker.  The lawn boy decided to invest his money but was to young so Arnold did it for him.  It turned out the Lawn Boy was sponsoring a fighter named Joey Pow.  I give it four out of five stars!”

Keeping busy

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Kids have made a star wars Lego ship, a wooden train and the most of a pirate ship recently.  I’ve kept to my resolution to be less stingy with my art supplies and let them paint the train with multiple brushes.  It went over quite well.  I think my refusal to share (for so long) has made the brushes revered objects.  Both kids gingerly applied paint in delicate strokes and rinsed the color out completely.  Then they smoothed the bristles and dried the brushes like they were ancient birds bones about to break.

We also broke out the rubber stamp collection and made stamped blocks of play dough.  Keek has made lots of little sculptures and this time she made a calligraphy pen.  I really need to find a good drying clay recipe.  If you have one can you post it here?

Just finished, “The Gunslinger.”   First in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.  The first 80 or so pages are really boring but then things get moving and the rest of the book thunders past.  He’s got a lost boy, an ancient lonely wanton spirit, a desert to traverse,  a mountain to climb and phosphorescent zombies in an underground mine.  It’s a suck you in series starter though, and now I need to get book two!

Have had the keyboard out and the guitars too.  We are all playing something every day and the kids are learning nursery tunes on the keyboard.  Keek played the wedding march over and over and over.  She really likes it.  Fish plays the one key method… it’s got a teaching system that lights up the keys to show you where to play.  But on level one it doesn’t matter what key you touch it makes the right note.  Once fish had that nifty little trick figured out he became an over night success.  HA!  Did I mention Keek like to play the wedding march?

OK enough freezing type time for me!  I’m outta here!

New Years Resolutions

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Haven’t really had any time to think of any but I am sparing these few precious moments to do just that. 

1. Ease is an important element of life.  Taking time for ease is not being lazy, it helps reduce stress.  I resolve to allow myself “ease” time to do something completely self indulgant once a week!!!

2. Communication is important.  Saying whats on my mind is important to communication.  I resolve to communicate the thoughts on my mind in a respectful and calm way.  Even if they are not so nice or happy thoughts.

3. Writing is a lost art.  I resolve to write more.  Pen to paper writing… letters and poetry and journaling.

4. The kids so love art. I resolve to let them paint with my brushes.  I resolve to buy canvas sheets for them to paint on.  I resolve to buy modeling clay. 

5. I resolve to stick with these resolutions… even when it’s easier not to.  🙂